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While the text argues that Estella's visions are a religious mechanism by which she negotiates her social location "in between" American and Mexican societies, she adumbrates the borderlands theory without convincing scholarly precision or sufficient citation.
Interweaving the narrative with a young mother searching for meaning and an entomologist whose rationalist diligence leads to the discovery of a new species of moth, Mettler adumbrates an underlying theme in all of his work: the search, as he puts it, for a "balance between intellect and intuition, order and chaos, action and perception.
He not only provides ways to take seriously these largely forgotten poets; he also adumbrates certain pleasures of reading them.
For all the rich illumination that such enquiries yield, however, I have reservations about the thesis that Bowers adumbrates from his findings.
Moreover, the profundity of his experience of achieving his liberation and the biblical parallel for this experience are underscored by the beautiful and moving passage that adumbrates this notion that he can not, finally, express his emotional response to the experience of freedom:
The problem with complexity theory, and one Krugman adumbrates throughout the piece, is the reliance on computer simulation due to the model's lack of an analytical solution.
In his concluding chapter Netton adumbrates a theory of semiotics for Islamic theology, be it medieval or modern, which can be pursued in four distinct ways: the way of the Ulama, i.
It also adumbrates possibilities on the practical level.
While looking beyond Athens is totally appropriate for classical studies, it is also the case that Athens reflects and adumbrates that whole, of which it remains for philologists and philosophers an essential part.
Occasional discussion of literary texts (Shakespeare's sonnets, as well as Richard II, King Lear, and Hamlet, plays by George Chapman and Thomas Heywood, in addition to brief analysis of Milton's "On Time") adumbrates the analysis of life-writing throughout the volume.
The six large, untitled recent paintings shown at Galerie Xippas could only be the work of someone who's been wielding a paintbrush long enough to have grown seriously confident in its use: Georgiou adumbrates a face or figure and delineates a space with the seemingly effortless concision and clarity attained by only a few colleagues--one thinks, at moments, of Marlene Dumas.
Here he adumbrates one of the critical themes of the book: the extent to which Heloise's letters have incorrectly been read as adhering to a secular, worldly form of love that is seen as being in opposition to the spiritual love espoused by other twelfth-century religious such as Bernard of Clairvaux and William of St.