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This type of forgery, for Leonello, is the first "pretense"--the "prima adumbratio," which, he goes on to explain, can be observed in three different ways (1.
And he moves on to employ the first proof of the "first adumbratio," that Satire 16 is simply stylistically deficient, possessing none of Juvenal's customary if biting gravity.
Even if the "old" and the "new" Rhetoric are often found bound together, the prima adumbratio does not really apply.
The secunda adumbratio designates cases in which the forger has managed successfully to imitate the style of the original author.
9] Secunda adumbratio est ex eo [9] The second pretense derives ipso auctore novo descendens, qui from that same 'new' author, who minimum sane differt, quanquam certainly differs very little from differat, a Ciceronis eloquio.