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To pay money or give something of value before the date designated to do so; to provide capital to help a planned enterprise, expecting a return from it; to give someone an item before payment has been made for it.

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n. a type of loan in which payment is made before it is legally due, such as before shipment is made, a sale is completed or a note is due to be paid.

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1 to lend money to someone; a loan of money.
2 to make a payment before it is lawfully due; in the law of trusts, trustees may advance capital under an express power or under legislation to a beneficiary who has a vested or contingent interest in the capital of the trust. Advancements under the legislation may be up to half the beneficiary's expectant share and are subject to the consent of the holder of any prior interest.
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Canada's treaties, like most, generally provide a procedure for resolution of double taxation arising from intercompany disputes.(27) Although disputes between certain countries (e.g., Canada and the United States) are generally resolved, competent authority provisions do not generally require that the competent authorities arrive at a settlement eliminating double taxation but only that they make an effort to do so.(28) This makes it useful to consider a treaty-based four-party advance agreement procedure.
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