advance against

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He then commanded his trumpet to sound a defiance to the challengers, and desired a herald to announce to them, that he should make no election, but was willing to encounter them in the order in which they pleased to advance against him.
I protest in advance against any such outrageous invasion of my private life.
Military sources said on Wednesday that the Syrian army troops managed to further advance against terrorists in Eastern Ghouta and are about to lay siege on the towns of Douma and Mesraba.
Summary: The Syrian army has made a sudden advance against Daesh (ISIS) in the desert area west of Raqqa, a military media unit run by Hezbollah said Tuesday.
On the international currency market, the euro has increased its advance against the dollar on the eve of the publication of the minutes of the Federal Reserve (Fed) and after the announcement of several US indicators, amid renewed optimism of German investors and a rise in inflation in Britain.
The post US-backed fighters, mostly Kurds, advance against IS in north Syria appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Summary: Allied Kurdish and Syrian Free Army forces are continuing to advance against Islamic State militants in and around the besieged border city of Kobani, Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) leader Saleh Muslim said.
The Nikkei stock index tumbled to its lowest level in two months Wednesday morning in Tokyo amid concerns over rising tensions in Syria and the yen's sharp advance against the U.
The US Dollar may advance against most major currencies in the days ahead as a reversal in risk appetite spurs demand for the safety-linked currency.
Venezuela's Bandes Bank will invest the 60% paid in advance against a higher interest of 8% for Suriname, he said.
Take Two reported the figure, which is presumably an advance against its share of revenue from gamers who download the extra "chapters" via Microsoft's Xbox Live service, in a recent earnings report.
Rather, it was merely an advance against an obligation, repayable if the obligation was not performed.