advance upon

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But only for a moment they hesitated, and then with one accord they again took up their fantastic advance upon their prey; but even then a sudden crashing in the jungle behind them brought them once more to a halt, and as they turned to look in the direction of this new noise there broke upon their startled visions a sight that may well have frozen the blood of braver men than the Wagambi.
There was a certain person in Sicily who laid out a sum of money which was deposited in his hand in buying up all the iron from the iron merchants; so that when the dealers came from the markets to purchase, there was no one had any to sell but himself; and though he put no great advance upon it, yet by laying out fifty talents he made an hundred.
Henry, flushing in mortification and anger, rose to advance upon De Montfort, but suddenly recollecting the power which he represented, he thought better of whatever action he contemplated, and with a haughty sneer turned to his courtiers.
Of course you have read accounts of the recent operations of our army under command of General Sherman; of the advance upon the enemy in Georgia, fighting and defeating them in numerous engagements and compelling them to repeatedly fall back toward Atlanta.
Customer is required to advance upon request to the PPA made available simultaneously to tenderers requesting an advance payment equal to the sum of the amount of security.
The app will allow consumers to use a single, secure, mobile application to check in, pre-order in advance upon check-in, make reservations, pre-order for a reservation in the future, order food online for take-out and delivery, use self service payment for dine-in orders from their own device, and also leave real-time, authenticated feedback.
The war is not over and continues at a slower pace as the legitimate government forces advance upon the capital Sana'a.
According to some of our political masters you are only in combat when you advance upon an enemy (in my day we called it "advance to contact" until we came under fire.
The unperform'd, more gigantic than ever, advance, advance upon me.
Virat Kohli was moved to advance upon Trott and to give him a piece of his mind and by his laid-back standards Dhoni was very animated.
As soon as the riot erupted, prison chiefs made an emergency call for reinforcements and within half an hour 130 prison officials equipped with riot gear were ready to advance upon the mob.
It never really looked in much doubt either, as the 7-2 joint-favourite was swinging along on the bit until Queally asked him to advance upon the leader Debussy a furlong from home.