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The wound care market is segmented into four categories, namely Surgical, Advanced, Basic and Mid Tier.
According to tests, with regular use of Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II, 'lines and wrinkles look significantly reduced.
The physician partners of Advanced will reportedly continue to oversee all clinical operations, and Advanced will gain access to a suite of management support services based on SCA's network of nearly 200 leading surgical facilities across the country.
The last fifteen years has seen most states and territories in Australia recognise an advanced EN industrial classification.
Whereas: Advanced Practice Nurses are proven to provide high quality, cost effective, ethical and compassionate care with quality health outcomes;
The heart of advanced academics lies in the attempt to bring a higher level of education to a population that needs a higher level of challenge, including but not exclusive to gifted and talented students.
5 : propose 1 <The candidate advanced a new plan.>
On audit, the IRS determined that the $175,000 advanced by Amoco was income to the taxpayer in the year received.
Advanced Pulmonary Technology Nektar Advanced Pulmonary Technology uses innovative molecular formulations and novel delivery devices designed for ease-of-use to improve or enable administration of medicines to and through the lungs for both lung diseases and systemic conditions.
DuPont Advanced Fibers Systems, Customer Inquiry Center, VA
How do you differentiate between beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels?
FileMaker has debuted FileMaker Server 8 Advanced, an enhanced version of FileMaker Server 8 that lets administrators securely and reliably manage and deploy shared FileMaker Pro 8 and 7 database files over networks, intranets, and the Internet.

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