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THIS bunch of Graeme Souness fans formed part of the advanced guard of the Tartan Army who began the invasion of Amsterdam last night.
But even if they were exportable, would they be considered more than philosophical niceties to peoples deeply impressed with crying economic needs, the cruel majesty of a new industrial machine, and the prospect of being in the advanced guard of mankind?
Bearing in mind that missionaries are the advanced guard of colonization, we might be wise to take a look at where all this can lead.
Surprisingly roomy, this neat petite is the advanced guard of a new generation of clever cars.
It forms the advanced guard for a new style of Mitsubishi with more sculpted integrated lines and high-tech interiors mirroring uncluttered, classic Japanese design from other spheres including electronic goods.
The 241st attacked in advanced guard formation, with the 54th motorized rifle battalion (MRB) acting as a supporting effort in the North vic Buttertown to fix elements west of the town to facilitate the crossing of 56th MRB south of Jackson Lake.
s advanced guard robot ''Guard Robo C4'' offered guidance to visitors like a receptionist.
Because when you are confronting the world's best, you need guys like Giggs in the advanced guard - especially when he's in this form.
Meanwhile, back from the 'other' Games, Britain's Olympians now form the advanced guard for a four-year run-up to 2012 in London.
They were followed by the advanced guard robot ''Guard Robo C4,'' a ''Robovie III,'' which is able to carry on limited communication with humans, and an ASIMO.

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