advancement of knowledge

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'That while this Association is deeply sensible of the advantages which must accrue to the cause of science, from the production to which they have just adverted--no less than from the unwearied researches of Samuel Pickwick, Esq., G.C.M.P.C., in Hornsey, Highgate, Brixton, and Camberwell--they cannot but entertain a lively sense of the inestimable benefits which must inevitably result from carrying the speculations of that learned man into a wider field, from extending his travels, and, consequently, enlarging his sphere of observation, to the advancement of knowledge, and the diffusion of learning.
But Bacon's most important work, as we have already implied, was not in the field of pure literature but in the general advancement of knowledge, particularly knowledge of natural science; and of this great service we must speak briefly.
Finally, Fons was the 2013 recipient of the American Psychological Association's Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology (for his contributions to international cooperation and to the advancement of knowledge of psychology) and the 2014 recipient of the International Association of Applied Psychology Fellows Award (for contributions to applied psychology).
They might also set goals of protecting or restoring the environment, improving human health or promoting the arts, sciences or advancement of knowledge.
Professor Salzman argues that for most of the 20th century, universities were dedicated to the advancement of knowledge. There was open exchange and competition in the marketplace of ideas.
To foster excellence in the fields of art and culture, and the advancement of knowledge and capabilities in such related fields.
What everyone needs to know is that today-- by God's Grace-- numerous students of yesterday are engaged in great tasks and deeply feel the joy and satisfaction of contributing to the advancement of knowledge and technology in their home country.
The objective of the MOU is to promote cooperation in basic and secondary education on a reciprocal basis, and to promote collaboration in the advancement of knowledge and intellectual development.
The MOU aims to promote cooperation in basic and secondary education on a reciprocal basis as well as to promote collaboration in the advancement of knowledge and intellectual development, according to the DepEd.
The moot also approved launching of "Pakistan Journal of Engineering" which will cover the entire engineering regime with a major focus on research contribution in the advancement of knowledge and invitation solutions.
Uhuru said his administration is committed to ensuring universities will continue to drive not only the technological agenda but also the advancement of knowledge in all other fields of knowledge.
The continent was once living in a dark age but with advancement of knowledge and industries, they are now dominating the world,' said Askari.

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