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To assess whether participants gradually made less risky decisions, selecting a greater number of cards from the advantageous decks, the net score was calculated by subtracting the number of poor selections from the number of good selections: [(C+D) - (A+B)].
The exchange rate boost follows the central bank's decision in September allowing PDVSA to sell dollars for local currency at the most advantageous of the three rates.
Their findings indicate that it would take roughly 80,000 years for a highly advantageous combination of genes in 100 fertile adults living in eastern Africa to spread to eastern Asia through diffusion, if there were 100 comparably sized H.
165 theft-loss deduction can be more advantageous than a mere capital loss:
For example, he believes that liquid crystal diode (LCD) technology is advantageous for cluster assemblies, too.
E-mailed, print information that is timely can be just as advantageous, because in today's environment it is much more likely to be extracted literally and used by reporters and analysts who can readily cut-and-paste on deadline and then edit the information so it appears they conceived all of it themselves.
dollar the German mark made it very advantageous for German publishers to buy into U.S.
The pitcher who has two pitches is in an advantageous position.
Tenders are invited for Works on ways and wet networks on the commune of sax for the year 2019 Eligibility Criteria : Award criteria: The most economically advantageous tender in terms of criteria
Summary: Dakar - Secretary of State to Morocco's Foreign Ministry Mohamed Ouzzine called, on Friday in Dakar, for a "fruitful, innovative and mutually advantageous" relation with Senegal.
This polymer technology is said to be extremely advantageous, as it couples the inherent processability and functional advantages of SBCs with a number of performance properties typically associated with thermoset polyurethane and natural rubber adhesive systems, according to the company.
Bassuk, "Wachovia and Fannie Mae were extremely responsive and provided the proceeds requested by the Borrower on highly advantageous terms.