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The net score was calculated by subtracting the satisfaction ratings of the disadvantageous decks from those of the advantageous decks: [(C+D) - (A+B)].
E-mailed, print information that is timely can be just as advantageous, because in today's environment it is much more likely to be extracted literally and used by reporters and analysts who can readily cut-and-paste on deadline and then edit the information so it appears they conceived all of it themselves.
This is especially advantageous for pitchers who throw a down-breaking curveball or a split that goes down.
This financing package enables us to develop the Marc on more advantageous terms and to make it the building we'd always envisioned as a New Yorker's dream," said Joseph Moinian, CEO of The Moinian Group.
That is, in the approach that JCI is trying to convince automakers to adopt is advantageous, there is a single part used to direct the light: a two-shot plastic injection molded piece.
75 emu) is about half that of the old SRM which may be advantageous for some magnetometers.
Low genetic variability may reflect natural selection, in this case, the spread of advantageous Y chromosome mutations after people initially migrated out of Africa, the researchers suggest.
His expertise in mortgage servicing, sub-servicing and information technology are particularly advantageous at a time when production volumes are down and lenders are looking to invest in technology solutions.
Contract notice: the most economically advantageous offer appreciated according to the criteria set out below
Located on 95th street between Second and Third Avenues, 206 East 95th Street not only offers a unique and advantageous building layout, but will also provide innovative and modern design amenities.
It also describes situations in which such exchanges may be advantageous and disadvantageous and the documentation procedures to use Sec.
Jenny, therefore, as the second daughter, is expected to mare an advantageous marriage for the family honor.