advantageous position

See: advantage, edge
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Reading it after many years "Karain" produced on me the effect of something seen through a pair of glasses from a rather advantageous position. In that story I had not gone back to the Archipelago, I had only turned for another look at it.
May not a more compact and advantageous position turn the scale on the same side, against a superior number so situated as to be less capable of a prompt and collected exertion of its strength?
I determined to give myself as little trouble as possible in this lesson; it would not do yet to trust my unpractised tongue with the delivery of explanations; my accent and idiom would be too open to the criticisms of the young gentlemen before me, relative to whom I felt already it would be necessary at once to take up an advantageous position, and I proceeded to employ means accordingly.
They blinked their eyes, shouldered one another about for more advantageous positions, scratched in the rotting vegetation upon the chance of unearthing a toothsome worm, or sat listlessly eyeing their king and the strange Mangani, who called himself thus but who more closely resembled the hated Tarmangani.
Pakistan wanted to start initial level talks through PTA/FTA or change of country status in Australian System of Tariff Preferences to get more advantageous position in Australian market, Sukhera said.
clarified the President's statements a day later, saying China was only in an advantageous position.
According to the forecasts, the positions of the two largest parties are equal, with the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has more advantageous position so far.
The strategic location of Turkmenistan, which borders with Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Iran, as well as its proximity to Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation (via the Caspian Sea) puts the country in an advantageous position for expanding interregional relations between the countries of Central Asia, the Caucasus, South Asia and the Middle East, the state news agency Turkmen Dovlet Khabarlary wrote in its comments.
Tsai hopes the business leader will help Taiwan secure an advantageous position at a time of constantly changing economic situations and trade conflicts among economic powerhouses.
He said the Senate President's unique leadership has put the PDP in more advantageous position over the disunited and leaderless opposition parties in the state.
At the same time, electronic missile launches, anti-missile maneuvering, and a set of aerobatics figures were developed to gain the most advantageous position in the air for the attack of a conventional adversary.
While being Jubilee's 2022 point man could place Ruto in an advantageous position to succeed President Kenyatta, his early campaigns could work against him.