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This accelerated 20-month program is Arcadia's response to what business-minded people and executives need most today: real-world learning from around the globe that helps them think strategically, use information advantageously, and lead effectively in a diverse and complex global business environment.
By leveraging our collective expertise in Canada's information security and government sectors, CMI is advantageously positioned to capitalize on this market opportunity, drive the sales and marketing initiatives of our partners and further develop our program globally through the IMV Group.
In addition to being easily accessible to major interchanges, the Courtyard is advantageously located near the area's industrial and business parks and the 60,000 square foot Bowling Green Convention Center.
The Sawn Lake Heavy Oil Project is advantageously situated since the property is in very close proximity to both oil and gas pipelines.
It is positioned advantageously near major highways, including Interstate 55 and Route 78, and is well-located to service the Memphis metro area as well as the Southeast.
UEI's estimated 200 million units in the marketplace and unparalleled patent portfolio in wireless control devices has advantageously positioned the company as computing and consumer electronic companies battle for the living room, and the home automation and networking industries take shape.
The GWIM property is advantageously located south of the Great Whale river, and only 65 km inland from Hudson Bay.
By following the model established by the major Hollywood animation studios in product line development, KidSational has positioned itself to most advantageously develop its own marketplace.
Adenosine advantageously allows for the enhancement of the skin condition.