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Accordingly, asset step-ups do occur, independent of the respective tax advantageousness.
Assessment by LEOs of Advantageousness of HAVA Provisions in 2004 and 2006 Table 5.
Even more contentiously, Reul praised nuclear energy in terms of its favourable price, advantageousness in terms of security of supply and CO2 emissions.
A university's credit profile, the perception of its financial standing in the bond-buying marketplace, and the ability of the broke>dealer to attract buyers all affect the success of the auction and the advantageousness of the clearing rate.
It might be objected that we reject beliefs when they are inadequately supported and that that is evidence that we put truth above advantageousness.
Judgments of the advantageousness of believing p aren't directly relevant to determining the truth value of p, (12) and transparency permits only considerations that are directly relevant to determining the truth value of p to be immediately belief-guiding.
This measure consisted of four 7-point semantic differential scales, each assessing the advantageousness of accepting the advertised offer (e.