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As part of the ADTRAN Global ADvantage Partner Program introduced in 2006, the North American program has two main goals - to increase our partners' ability to win in the SMB segment and to increase their profitability when doing so.
This year's event provided an excellent opportunity for attendees who are directly responsible for implementing and using PTC products to have peer discussions on best practices, meet with industry experts, provide feedback to PTC product managers, and review solutions from members of the PTC Partner Advantage Program, the PTC Channel Advantage Program, and PTC/USER's Industry Partner Program.
Advantage, ACN's local/long distance bundled service
1i tools, FPGA Advantage delivers a complete FPGA flow that redefines the standard for productivity in programmable logic design software.
Market ADvantage has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade because companies continue to find the advantages and value of using Market ADvantage over traditional in-house or outsource tracking methods.
It's another example of the business development advantages we offer to our Intel Product Dealers.
Tandberg Data has created a dedicated reseller sales team to ensure that all channel partners receive the highest level of technical product training and are fully educated on the advantages of selling the company's broad line of tape back-up solutions.
Choosing a business communications solution can be confusing and expensive for the business customer, due to frequent announcements of new products, services and incremental cost advantages.
In addition, NETCOMplete Advantage Pro extends all the advantages of NETCOMplete and NETCOMplete Advantage.
The mission of Internet Business Advantages is to help organizations realize dramatic returns by integrating business processes with Internet technologies.
Asymetrix Advantage Training - Asymetrix provides in-depth, hands-on training services, fully immersing customers in the advantages of Distributed Learning and how best to apply the ToolBook II solution.
Macauley continued by saying, 'Our new name truly reflects what we believe -- that the combination of Staples and MBRI provides new advantages in price, convenience and service to our customers.