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On Wednesday, the Archbishop of Armagh Eamon Martin launched a specially commissioned online Advent calendar.
As with earlier releases, Advent tapped into Advent Direct Community, its collaborative, online client experience, for input on the enhancements.
In fact, Selfridges' original luxury beauty Advent calendar, which costs PS85, this year sold out the day it landed.
Building upon a history of incorporating "client-sourced" feedback and requests into products, Advent Direct Community is helping to make the process more transparent.
Advent lasts for the four Sundays before Christmas.
The squeeze out proposal was launched last month jointly by Advent Water (Luxembourg) s.
The texts for the first three Sundays in Advent include links to such events of public consequence as the Roman destruction of the temple (Advent 1:Lk 19:28-40, 21:21-25), and the beginning of John's preaching is synchronized with the reigns of Tiberius, Pontius Pilate, the Herods, and the High Priest Caiaphas (Advent 2: Lk 3:1-6), stopping just short of Luke's account of the palace intrigue that caused John's imprisonment (Advent 3: Lk 3:7-18, 19-20).
For more information, contact Advent Product Development, Inc.