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Anne and Priscilla and Phil had awaited her advent rather dubiously; but when Aunt Jamesina was enthroned in the rocking chair before the open fire they figuratively bowed down and worshipped her.
Lady Anselman's party was suddenly increased by the advent of some acquaintances from an adjoining table, all of whom desired to be presented to Madame Selarne.
With the advent of Burning Daylight the whole place became suddenly brighter and cheerier.
It followed so quickly the missionary's advent that they divined the request that would be made, and would have none of it.
A few cheers heralded the advent of several young fellows, in shirt- sleeves, carrying buckets, bottles, and towels, who crawled through the ropes and crossed to the diagonal corner from her.
Great, however, was the excitement through town and district when it was learned that on the third Wednesday in Advent there would be held a passage-at-arms in which five knights of England would hold the lists against all comers.
Nevertheless, she looked forward to the advent of Owen Ford with a pleasant sense of expectation.
Hargrave calls I shall hail her advent as quite a relief.
Teeka, though, had been keen for it always until shortly before the baby came; but with the advent of her first-born, even Teeka changed.
I felt rather timid and apprehensive, for she had come to search Humphrey Van Weyden's soul, and Humphrey Van Weyden had nothing of which to be particularly proud since his advent on the Ghost.
He found himself regarding the advent of Doctor Sarson as possessing some secondary significance.