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ADVENTURE, bill of. A writing signed by a merchant, to testify that the goods shipped on board a certain vessel are at the venture of another person, he himself being answerable only for the produce. Techn. Dict.

ADVENTURE, crim. law. See Misadventure.

ADVENTURE, mer. law. Goods sent abroad under the care of a supercargo, to be disposed of to the best advantage for the benefit of his employers, is called an adventure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Taking style cues from another impressive addition to the Volvo stable, the XC90 SUV, the lines are sleek and stylish, but an adventurously raked rear windscreen adds extra dynamic flair.
It's a somewhat disparate circle from school, all grown up and needlessly problematic-a concept that could've been great had it been treated more adventurously.
THE ONLY explanation for ground advantage in football that fits the facts is that teams play differently depending on the venue - more adventurously at home, more cautiously away.
"He lived life as something delicious, adventurously, passionately and aware of the One who gave it," Dr White said.
Secondly, he may adventurously try to do something against his now personal enemy Bashar al-Assad.
Interweaving diary pages with Elisa's historical research, insights, and musings about the her mother's adventurously altruistic side, The Girl from Station X is a transformative memoir, captivating to the last page.
Our goal is to encourage people to live more adventurously while offering them a memorable experience."
Prior to starting his graduate school studies, he decided to follow through with his long time dream of exploring the world adventurously while supporting a worthy cause.
"While they know that Iran has pursued the path of peaceful nuclear technology and has accepted the (International Atomic Energy) Agency's supervision, but they have acted against Iran's nuclear case adventurously," Larijani said, addressing the 9th Meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Tehran on Tuesday.
BANGKOK is like an old faithful, ready to surprise even the weary traveller albeit you choose to trudge a bit adventurously and are willing to embrace its constantly evolving design scape.
For the adventurously inclined, the Rochford winery ( beckons with its guided segway tours across its extensive grounds.