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I also said that ideas are at the heart of business, and that we should reward adventurousness, and not conformity.
This go-for-broke adventurousness made the first act a showstopper that left you wanting more.
Ever since he burst onto our shores in 1998, Scottish actor-singer-writer Alan Cumming has been a pervasive force in entertainment, illuminating projects with his frisky adventurousness and wry wit.
I will not spoil its readers' pleasure by saying more than that it reveals the writer's adventurousness, her generosity of heart, her wonderful joie de vivre, seemingly intact even as she approached eighty-nine, and her wisdom--hard won, as it always is.
His impact extended beyond Abbey Road: With his rare combination of taste, intellect, adventurousness and sonic acuity, he altered the course of popular music.
The honors experience at Georgia State is the product of synergistic, integrative experiences that connect the college and the university to the Atlanta community and the rest of the world An honors education emphasizes risk-taking, creativity, intellectual entrepreneurship, and adventurousness that those long-ago night school students would certainly recognize Our honors college is a laboratory known for embracing new initiatives, experimenting with curriculum, and encouraging the kinds of outside-the-classroom experiences that drive personal growth and accomplishment.
Fortune was more favourable to Robinson's adventurousness. When he flashed the ball between slip and gully on 37, it brought up an unlikely batting point.
The band describes the adventurousness of "Sound & Color'' as less a strategy than a reflection of the creative process.
But the programme also made her wonder if a visit to one of the trust's bases would be a positive way to start 2015, regain her spirit of adventurousness and celebrate her survival.
Hansel's adventurousness and compassion are qualities which enable him to find food for his family, make a new friend, and help create forgiveness for flaws or misdeeds.
Anne's scholarly adventurousness and her critical commitments have taught us so much about so many things, including Blake's evolution as an artist, the paradigm of "English romantic irony," the "genders" of Romanticism, the feminist uses of historicism, and innovations in pedagogy.
Author/artists Mary Anne Radmacher and Liz Kalloch have gathered these fierce and feisty females along with their best advice for our life's journey on the topics of leadership, friendship, purpose, adventurousness, cooperation, collaboration, risk-taking, resourcefulness, happiness, compassion, and much more, including what it is to inspire.