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And Ronan Whelan, deputising for Kevin Manning (rides Lucia in the Qipco 1,000 Guineas), might triumph on Jim Bolger's Novis Adventus, beaten a half-length by Radanpour at Tipperary, in the finale.
Esta en preparacion el volumen V: ARNALDI DE VILLANOVA, Tractatus de tempore adventus antichristi.
They conjoined the Roman triumph with the medieval adventus rites to fashion a king who had the nominalists' potentia absoluta (as creator of society) and who embodied the practical restraints that "empirical" legal and historical humanists placed on rulers and institutions.
Proinde, per dominum Jesum Christum et per potentiam adventus ejus, necnon et ex autoritate beatissimorum apostolorum Petri et Pauli, iterum monemus atque praecipimus ne te ipsum decipias, nec in Gloria tua maculam illicitum connubium, quod cum uxoris tuae consanguineae inisti, penitus repone.
390 excipit hospitio iuvenem Philyreius heros, et causam adventus hic rogat, ille docet.
On the east face, in descending order, the reliefs depict the Roman cavalry charge, the capture of a Persian harem and the pursuit of the Persians; the south face depicts the final battle, the migration and submission of the Persians and the adventus of the victorious Tetrarch.
23: 7-10, Studer points out how Ambrose, in contrast to the Greek treatment of these verses on which he otherwise leans, draws on the technical language of the Roman imperial triumphal adventus to express Christ's ascension to heaven.
Adventus, in turn, is seen as new, not the effect of past causes.
LOS ANGELES -- The Adventus Group, a global environmental biotechnology enterprise, announced today that the company has received the coveted 2007 North American Environmental Remediation Product Innovation of the Year Award, in recognition of its marketplace commitment to provide best-in-class biotechnology-based remedial solutions for treatment of contaminated soil, sediment, and groundwater.
Newcomer Radanpour took time to hit top gear in the colts maiden, but got up close home to beat Novis Adventus and favourite Jacobean, providing Weld and Pat Smullen with their only win of the night.