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ADVERSARY. One who is a party in a writ or action opposed to the other party.

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In real life, adversaries like spammers of website attackers use tactical strategies for their attacks.
These formerly intimidated locals were giving coalition forces support and information on our adversaries. Identifying these vulnerabilities is a key intelligence consideration to winning the irregular war.
(7) Today, it appears a common strategic logic drives adversaries to adopt an approach to the United States and its allies that prominently includes a significant role for nuclear weapons, up to and including their potential employment during an armed conflict.
Adversaries may attempt to penetrate the network based on the vulnerabilities identified, or may decide to wait until a new vulnerability materializes.
[26] detects the adversaries by keeping the track of the data packets sent and received to and from the neighboring nodes in the EDRI table.
It will depend on new developments and of course it will depend sa future actions ng ating adversaries,' he said.
What many analysts fail to realize is that the operating environment, specifically the information environment (IE), (7) has changed, and our adversaries are undermining our asymmetrical advantages through innovative use of the information space, particularly by operating in the informational and cognitive dimensions on a global scale.
We assume that the challenger (or the simulator) keeps a history of "query-answer" when interacting with the adversaries. The oracles are described as follows:
Finally, they resolve security dilemmas between American allies and their local adversaries. (11) Security dilemmas occur when one state tries to make itself more secure, inadvertently making other states feel less secure in the process.
Recent research, however, has shown that adversaries can infer a great deal about the sources of supposedly anonymous communications by monitoring data traffic though just a few well-chosen nodes in an anonymity network.
Draken flew as many as five of their A-4K aircraft at a time as adversaries in support of F-35 operational testing against both Royal Netherlands Air Force and Royal Air Force F-35A and F-35B aircraft as well as Royal Netherlands F-16 Vipers.
It is pursuing a stubborn oil policy that has long term consequences, by driving its competitors and political adversaries namely Russia and Iran to the brinks.