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ADVERSARY. One who is a party in a writ or action opposed to the other party.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Influence is the most relevant and widely researched dimension for adversarial learning because it characterizes the adversary based on its behavior, with the objective of developing appropriate learner strategies to counter the adversary's behavior.
When considering the population and adversary points of view, the crucial issues are the underlying problems, ideas, beliefs, and perceptions that may support an insurgency or lead to political violence.
Deterrence is about influencing a potential adversary's cost-benefit calculus, assessment of risk, and decision-making processes.
The Game interaction between an adversary A and a challenger C below defines the security of our scheme.
Strategic Shaping is a coercive strategy employing an integrated whole-of-government approach that aims to complicate an adversary's calculus and target his strategic intentions, not just his forces.
He rages against the landlord played by Nana Patekar, who it is quite clear from the trailer's first shot, is a formidable adversary for our hero.
adversary can have a different or no effect on another adversary.
So, it is unlikely that the adversary can monitor the real frequency of query in a cluster.
In the initial phase, the adversary node first attempts to become the part of the route.
"Dealing with the media as an adversary, not expressing a different opinion, gives wrong message about democracy, which we are keen to establish in Iraq," Habib said in a press statement.
(ATAC)--a Newport News, Virginia, provider of outsourced adversary air training--and stood up a new subsidiary called Textron Airborne Solutions, said Russ Bartlett, president and CEO for the new division.
On Tuesday, Rockstar announced via the ( "Grand Theft Auto Online" official website its Valentine's bonuses for the different Adversary Modes.