adverse comment

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The NHS often is the subject of adverse comment but let me say the treatment and care I received in my three-day stay was superb.
I don't recall any adverse comment about this find, its drilling or the plant itself.
Furthermore an adverse comment made on this matter by one of the leaders of the TNA had been condemned as rousing communal tension.
THE activities of university students appear to be the subject of much adverse comment these days, so I feel in all fairness the following should be noted.
The department sought comments about the final amendment through August 15 and signaled that, unless significant adverse comment was received, these revised procedures would be effective September 14.
Jiechi's visit comes in the wake of New Delhi reacting strongly to Beijing's adverse comment on the recent visit of Indian Defence Minister A.
Egan said the Turf Club was "disappointed" at the decision, while O'Grady expressed his sympathy for Mangan, whose ride had come in for adverse comment.
The Inspector agreed but the Government did not intervene, citing the lack of adverse comment from hauliers, among other things.
If the agency receives even a single significant adverse comment, it withdraws the direct final rule, and--assuming it still wishes to promulgate the rule--issues a new final rule, on the basis of the comments and the proposed rule that was published the same day as the now-withdrawn direct final rule.
Steve Tatton, of IDS, said: "Greedy City bankers, rather than fat-cat directors, may be currently attracting all the adverse comment, but unless remuneration committees avoid making toxic pay decisions over the coming year UK boardrooms may soon find the spotlight returning to their pay packages.
14 Federal Register, the agencies said: "HRSA and FDA are withdrawing the direct final rule because FDA received significant adverse comment.
The familiar smooth statements of reassurance about Hungary's determination to accede early and about the EU's receptiveness to well-prepared candidates were barely rippled by adverse comment.