adverse criticism

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One issue on which Merkel has come in for adverse criticism, and which has the potential to draw curtains on her illustrious career, is migration.
Despite continuing to write for the following two decades he never again hit the heights and, wounded by adverse criticism and a string of box office flops descended into an oblivion of drugs and alcohol.
Jones missed 16 league games through injury last season but despite the adverse criticism United's power-brokers are expected to enter talks over a new deal in the next few weeks.
IS it mere coincidence that only a few days after adverse criticism on local radio regarding the derelict site at Belgrade Plaza that some development is imminent?
In accordance with the Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules (1964) they are prohibited from making any statement of fact or opinion which has the effect of an adverse criticism of any current or recent policy or action of the Central or State governments.
The adverse criticism of Mike Ashley is largely correct.
The constant adverse criticism of the city over the years, and more especially after Hillsborough, caused her to turn to me one day and say You know, Nan, the trouble is, 'they'' don''t understand what Liverpool is about.
This created a wrong impression that perhaps the accused officers have been reinstated in their earlier positions in the army service with power, perks and privileges which obiviously led to adverse criticism.
This misleading title unfortunately creates a false expectation for potential readers, a matter which led to adverse criticism from one vociferous critic.
The idea of such an "exchange" surfaces intermittently; it does not dominate or drive the book's readings, and yet it is not a necessarily adverse criticism to say that the book's underlying thesis is not always immediately apparent.
Our local authority and its members may not be perfect but they do not deserve adverse criticism for their patience and tolerance in dealing with a very difficult situation caused entirely by others.
In the UK, the Met Office no longer puts out official longrange seasonal forecasts - scrapping them last year after adverse criticism that they had failed to warn about how severe the past two winters could be.