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Adversely rated credits (also known as criticized credits) are the total of loans classified substandard, doubtful, and loss--and loans rated special mention.
Special Mention assets are not adversely classified and do not expose an institution to sufficient risk to warrant adverse classification.
T has three businesses of equal size and transfers two of them to a controlled (80% or more owned) or noncontrolled (less than 80% owned) corporation in exchange for a stock interest: If two out of three businesses can be discontinued, two out of three businesses can be transferred to a controlled or noncontrolled subsidiary without adversely affecting the "B" reorganization.
This sector shows signs of improvement associated with realization of merger and acquisition synergies and increased revenues, although the volume of adversely rated credits within this sector remains relatively high.
Of this amount, $56 billion, or 8 percent, was classified adversely, up from 5.
The Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency released data on November 10, 1999, on syndicated bank loans rated adversely by examiners.