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Although there is no direct precedent, most practitioners also believe that a "short sale" will not adversely affect a "B" reorganization.
All of the T shareholders transfer their AC stock to a holding company or a trust for the benefit of a family member: Although technically, the attribution rules do not apply in measuring a disposition for continuity of interest purposes, it is "more likely than not" that such a transfer will not adversely affect the "B" reorganization; see Rev.
We depend on a small senior management group, the departure of any member of which would likely adversely affect our business.
The regulatory status of some of our products makes these products subject to increased competition and other risks, and we run the risk that we, or third parties on whom we rely, could violate the governing regulations; if generic competitors that compete with any of our products are introduced, our revenues may be adversely affected.
The percentage of adversely classified credits rose in 1999 for most major industry sectors compared with 1998.
The markets in which the Company participates are highly competitive and subject to intense price competition, which could adversely affect the Company's sales and earnings performance.
The Company depends on external financial resources and any interruption in access to capital markets or borrowings could adversely affect the Company's financial condition.
Future sales of our common stock in the public market, such as upon conversion of our outstanding convertible securities, could adversely affect our stock price.
The FAA's action allows aircraft operators to designate, in their "use or lose" reports submitted to the agency, slots that were adversely affected by deicing programs.
Applica's business could be adversely affected by currency fluctuations in its international operations, particularly the Chinese yuan.