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The odds that participants had any of these three poor mental health outcomes was related to the number of childhood adversities they had experienced.
Even in a population with high prevalence of poor mental health outcomes, you could differentiate the mental health problems at this late age by the number of childhood adversities, Kushel said.
Similarly, those with four or more adversities had seven times higher odds of having been hospitalized in the past for psychiatric symptoms.
Although, most people are pulled down by significant adversities like the death of a loved one or getting fired, roughly 30 pc with first-time depression and 60 pc of people with a history of depression develop the disorder following relatively minor misfortunes.
ISLAMABAD, September 21, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Children who experience abuse or other adversities and develop mental health disorders are at greater risk for chronic physical problems when theyre adults.
Washington, July 30 (ANI): Childhood adversities involving financial problems, conflicts in the family and alcohol use may have a predictive role with gastric ulcers, say researchers.
Markku Sumanen and his colleagues of the Health and Social Support Study (HeSSup) showed that the most common childhood adversities like long-lasting financial difficulties in the family, serious conflicts in the family and someone in the family having been seriously or chronically ill were common among peptic ulcer patients than other respondents.
The study showed that participants with childhood adversities had a higher proportional risk of developing peptic ulcer.