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Although Adversus Ramistas makes oblique references to these broader cultural aspects, its focus is firmly philosophical.
Henry, Paul (1950) "The Adversus Arium of Marius Victorinus, the first systematic exposition of the doctrine of the Trinity".
Melancthon, Adversus Anabaptistas Philippi Melanthonis Indicium, in Philippi Melanthonis opera quae supersunt omnia, vol.
After an initial discussion of how the OCR was compiled, its relationship to the Hadrianum of 785, to the Capitulare adversus synodum sent to Rome in 792, and to Pope Hadrian's Responsum, the continuation of the chapter examines the contents and structure of the OCR in detail, a major contribution to our understanding of this oft invoked, but little parsed foundational text.
Williams, Adversus Judaeos: A Bird's-Eye View of Christian Apologiae Until the Renaissance (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ.
It took unprecedented courage for the church to revise its theology about Judaism and rid itself permanently of traditional replacement theology with its concomitant Adversus Judeaos teachings.
Brandmuller reviews the abundant evidence emerging from Irenaeus of Lyons's Adversus haereses, the First Letter of Clement, and the correspondence of Pope Leo I.
The first test of the validity of the hypothesis was the analysis of the use of expanded tenses in the Old English translation of Historiarum Adversus Paganos by the historian and theologist Orosius.
18) His response to an attack by Cochlaus was published in Latin, Adversus libellum Iohannis Cochlaei de Sacerdotio ac Sacrifico novae legis aeditum (Augsburg: Philipp Ulhardt, 1544); and later in German, Auff das Buchlin Johannes Cochlei welches er zur verthadigung Bapstlichs Priesterthumbs vnnd Meaopffers im Jar 1544 (Augsburg: Philipp Ulhardt, 1545).
In Hristos--scrie scriitorul latin african Tertulian, in lucrarea Adversus Judaeos--au crezut si locuitorii din "tinuturile sarmatilor, dacilor, germanilor si scitilor" (6).
He began work on the first, Adversus execrabilem Antichristi bullam (WA, 6:595-612), on 4 November 1520; it was published on 1 December.
Moreover, as Frankel observed, in Adversus mathematicos X 87, Sextus remarks that Diodorus was proposing a 'current' argument.