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Florentine humanist Manetti (1396-1459) intended his polemical defense of the Christian religion, Adversus Iudaeos et Gentes to be 20 volumes, though he only completed 10 of them.
Al comienzo del tercer libro de su Adversus Haereses escribe: <<El Senor de todas las cosas dio a sus Apostoles el poder de predicar el Evangelio.
Tra la prima e la seconda apologia si pone l'intervento di Basilio, che nel suo Adversus Eunomium utilizza a sua volta [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] otto volte.
Chapter 4 is dedicated to examining Juan Luis Vives's (1492-1540) Adversus pseudodialecticos, which expounds a theory of language, and Perreiah offers a new perspective to understanding this particular work.
In the summer of 2014 and winter of 2015, we collected 385 samples from hibernacula surfaces at 12 sites in 3 provinces and 1 municipality (Figure, panel A) and 215 samples from 9 species of bats at 10 sites (summer: Rhinolophus ferrumequinum, Rhinolophus pusillus, Myotis adversus, Myotis macrodactylus, Myotis pilosus, Myotis chinensis, Murina usseriensis; winter: R.
Irenaeus' best-known book, Adversus Haereses or Against Heresies (c.
Or, to the contrary, do they constitute enduring historical hostilities going back to the third century Adversus Judaeos traditions (when Christian writers began polemicizing against Jews) and to the eleventh century Christian crusades against Muslims in the Holy Land?
Dos tratados de Sexto, tres nos chegaram: Esbocos de Pirronismo e dois outros (con)fundidos na obra intitulada Adversus Mathematicos.
Sarah Baechle surveys commentaries in some literary manuscripts from the Continent as prelude to her account of glosses in two manuscripts of the Wife of Bath's Prologue, marginalia that may be designed to limit interpretation by pointing the reader away from (or perhaps through) Jerome's Adversus Jovinianum and toward less virulently antifeminist scriptural sources.
Querelae nullitatis adversus decretum rotale diei 21 octobris 2009
189) However, he granted permission to his colleague Nicolas des Gallars for an exact translation, which appeared in 1546 as Brevis instructio muniendis fidelibus adversus errores Anabaptistarum.