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ADVERTISEMENT. A 'notice' published either in handbills or in a newspaper.
     2. The law in many instances requires parties to advertise in order to give notice of acts which are to be done; in these cases, the advertisement is in general equivalent to notice.
     3. When an advertisement contains the terms of sale, or description of the property to be sold, it will bind the seller; and if there be a material misrepresentation, it may avoid the contract, or at least entitle the purchaser to a compensation and reduction from the agreed, price. Kapp's R. 344; 1 Chit. Pr. 295.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"We absolutely recognise the importance and value of policing as a career path and understand that the advert copy did not reflect this.
The self-imposed ban on gambling adverts was announced by the industry group for responsible gambling last December after an outcry about betting adverts during the Fifa World Cup in Russia last year.
Three people complained about an advert for the Volkswagen eGolf car showing a sleeping woman and man in a tent on a cliff face, two male astronauts floating in a space ship and a male para-athlete with a prosthetic leg doing the long jump before a final scene showed a woman seated on a bench beside a pram.
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Who could forget great-gran Jean Jones from Middlesbrough who became a TV sensation in 2011 after declaring her love of gin in an advert for the Aldi She later made numerous returns for the supermarket chain, including the chain's 2015 Christmas advert - a tongue-in-cheek take on John Lewis' tearjerker - and then to deliver her Christmas speech.
The backing soundtrack, which has always been such an important part of John Lewis' annual Christmas advert offerings, is none other than Elton John's anthem 'Your Song'.
Reactions to the advert were mixed between Israelis who perceived it as an offenseive, by comparing Israel to Iran.
Councillor McDonald told the Observer he wants them to pull the advert and make a donation to Women's Aid by way of apology.
The advert by Fairyhill in Reynoldston, Gower, which is part of the Oldwalls group, included an image of plates and cutlery which were not straight with the caption "Slightly OCD?