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Why the company chose to have the black kid in that hoodie is a question that some online users were posing and wanted the advert pulled down for being culturally insensitive.
All the other people in the advert were Scousers and they were all fantastic.
The adverts were removed following a complaint by Israeli MK Yair Lapid, who spoke with London Mayor Boris Johnson.
Gary Lineker appeared in adverts for It is said Elvis Presley was a fan of the cologne and the UK campaign saw Henry appearing alongside assorted sportsmen including footballer Kevin Keegan, athlete David Hemery and showjumper Harvey Smith.
Featuring Fleur East, the 60-second advert was shown a huge seven weeks before December 25.
the talktalk advert is annoying me already @Jazhollyt
Last night Mars revealed the three players were not paid for their Mars Bar advert but were picked by the FA to star as part of the team's sponsorship deal.
A statement from the ASA said that due to an "unprecedented number of complaints" it was investigating whether the advert was offensive for trivialising the issues surrounding a murder trial, the death of a woman and disability.
The companies all issued their adverts through Facebook.
In case you are out and forget to set your Sky+, don't fear - the advert will be played again during Downton Abbey on UTV on Sunday and all through next week, so keep your eyes peeled
According to BBC, Facebook will now decide where adverts will appear on its site following instances of many companies withdrawing their advertising after complaints about the adverts being placed on pages having offensive content.
In the latest Go Compare advert, tenor Gio Compario is bellowing his jingle while being ignored by a couple.