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flowing as it does from the minimal advertence that the very act of
Preliminary to such inquiries, we must have a working understanding of what it means to advert to a risk and what it means to have a capacity at all, for only then can we understand Hart's conception of the capacity for advertence that goes unexercised in cases of negligence.
It is not only the advertence to the notion of a "Renaissance" that helps us to focus on the particularly European scope of Rowland's analysis, but the very sense of a "fulfillment" after a period of "gradual development.
This management approach has gained much advertence in industrial engineering and management literature, but less in public sector management literature (Gulledge & Sommer, 2002).
Missing here is advertence to the fact that any movement has different roles that one rather than another person may be fit to play.
This changes here because we now spend our most advertence to real-time capability and embedded implementation needs.
The Vibhanga (373) explains "unsystematic attention" as seeing permanence in what is impermanent, happiness in what is painful (dukkha), Self in what is not-Self, and attractiveness in what is unattractive, also "turning of the mind, repeated turning, cognition, advertence, attention to what is contrary to truth.
Whether through advertence or inadvertence the problem is that solicitor-client information has wound up in the wrong hands.
This film, furthermore, recounts not merely the alienation of soldiers from their civilian counterpart but notably from the world of Academe: it is a college professor, Andre Poulet (a transparent advertence to "chicken"), who levels the inculpation, and he is a decidedly unlovable one at that (in case you know any unlovable professors) to whom may be imputed an abstinence from the world of action, world of imperfect clarity and unintended consequence.
With it, the common citizens would gradually gain the necessary advertence to the ongoing processes that determine the equilibrium between individual personal development and collective development, which is a landmark of any respected democracy based on objective information.
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the country must realise that it is impossible to carry on administration on the basis of swopping records: that there can be advertence to past service in public matters only to the extent to which that past service may be considered to give promise of useful public service in the future.