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The "do no harm principle suggests that international actors should at least refrain from any action that would clearly weaken the fundamental norms of human rights in the short term (an advertent consequence), even if there are reasons to believe that this could strengthen statebuilding and human rights in the long term.
Ensuring that advertent or inadvertent data disclosure will not occur is particularly challenging in an electronic environment, in which third-party vendors often develop and maintain provider databases.
130) But it also covers so-called advertent recklessness, where the offender deliberately disregards a known risk relative to the broader attack.
However, in many developing country contexts, NGOs can, just as easily, become instruments, advertent or otherwise, in the hands of the same elite interests when opposing a government initiative.
Knowledge of the downhole mud pressure can assist in preventing frac-outs (in advertent fluid returns) or, even worse, road buckling.
Thus, the events that set the play in motion emerge not from the bow directly, nor from the illness/wound, but rather from Philoctetes' advertent and inadvertent treading on gods' territory.
In Leviticus 4, the hatta't sacrifice is concerned with inadvertent sins, but in the ritual of the Day of Atonement (Leviticus 16), the hatta't sacrifice purged the sanctuary of advertent sins.
Given that many advertisements naturally emphasize the positive, glamorous, and uncomplicated aspects of drinking, and even news stories report benefits with only gestures at balance, or feature the good life associated with alcoholic beverages such as wine, policy advocates said more restraints on advertising are needed, especially for the benefit of young people, who are the advertent or inadvertent target of intensive promotion.
Since in most cases a beneficiary would be named for the principal's retirement plan, by including the authority to withdraw funds from retirement plans, all you are doing is possibly confusing the agent regarding the actual extent of his authority, which could result in an in advertent exercise.
Confidential matters can be made public through many different means that are inadvertent or unintentional (and advertent and intentional as well).
But there is even a further and still less advertent risk in positing a "post-theory" moment or generation, and this is to regard the current sense of theoretical indeterminacy or even impasse as somehow separable from problems and flaws intrinsic to "theory" itself.
The data are presented without advertent clues as to how one might feel about them, even those concerning racial outrages and the curiosities of The Director of the FBI.