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Islamabad -- Federal government is advertently avoiding taking action against the influential member environment of Capital Development Authority (CDA) despite the clear directions of Supreme Court (SC).
those who committed offenses advertently and that of those who committed
The article added that in a majority of media outlets, the historical background which underlies Russia's actions in Ukraine remains unheeded advertently.
The innovative Sindh Festival, whatever its cultural value, does not adequately represent a political alternative to a status quo that is essentially a continuation of what his much-pilloried dad, advertently or otherwise, left in place.
It can either be advertently or inadvertently, he said.
The probability of these children reproducing violence in the years ahead of them, whether advertently or inadvertently, is much higher.
Samantha Frost (2011) addresses this well when she writes that many feminists "are likely to be suspicious of any 'biologizing' move that might, advertently or inadvertently, dress up power relations and disciplining norms as a force of nature or a biological imperative" (p.
12) Catullus has thus (whether advertently or not) invited readers throughout the ages to read much of his poetry as 'the story of Catullus', that is, to narrativise.
At the same time, by making beauty immediately available to Howard through the venue of the PowerPoint presentation, Smith is less advertently exposing the specific conditions under which Scarry's argument has worked.
There is a possibility that if inadvertently or advertently somebody moves infected poultry across the border from one country to another you can have a spread of the virus," said Subhash Morzaria, Asia regional manager for the FAO's emergency centre for animal diseases.
This advertently created a new style of extra bitter, extra powerful beers called India Pale Ales (IPAs).