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ADVERTISEMENT. A 'notice' published either in handbills or in a newspaper.
     2. The law in many instances requires parties to advertise in order to give notice of acts which are to be done; in these cases, the advertisement is in general equivalent to notice.
     3. When an advertisement contains the terms of sale, or description of the property to be sold, it will bind the seller; and if there be a material misrepresentation, it may avoid the contract, or at least entitle the purchaser to a compensation and reduction from the agreed, price. Kapp's R. 344; 1 Chit. Pr. 295.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Examples of deceptive advertising identified by the CCA include: (1) a brand of health food claiming it could promote teens' physical growth and its purported verification by the Chinese women's basketball team; (2) a brand of weight-loss tea guaranteeing to reduce or lose weight in a period of time, which was proven to be ineffective as advertised; and (3) pharmaceutical advertisers puffing a drug brand's ability to cure the hepatitis-B virus (HBV).
In this case buyers can take any one of the advertised offers without paying search cost, or search for the non-advertised prices, or quit the market.
But if 74% to 85% of positions are never advertised, how effective can this be?
In a survey of students who had viewed Channel One, Bachen (1998a) noted that about one third of students believed that seeing the commercials on Channel One made them want to go out and buy the advertised products, and just over 20% of participants stated that they often followed through on that impulse.
* Wylam First School, Wylam, Northumberland ( advertised September and January.
For example, this would occur if an adviser advertised its investment performance but failed to reveal that the results were based on hypothetical as opposed to actual investment decisions.
For example, Aflac advertised in 12 30-second spots during the Olympics, which it calls a good marketing strategy to reach both male and female audiences during prime-time viewing.
Some books are advertised to the academic market, says Rockelle Henderson, associate director of advertising for Harper-Collins.
"About half of the 36 dot-coms that advertised on the 2000 Super Bowl are out of business.
The mission statement reads, To establish and promote voluntary guidelines for the measurement of comparable data necessary for the reporting of purchased media and for the selling of advertised opportunities on the Internet for agribusiness.
As discussed by, for example, Scherer and Ross (1990), there exist notable examples of industries in which products are heavily advertised and yet there is very little difference in the physical characteristics of the various brands.
Pierce, head of the University of California at San Diego's Cancer Prevention and Control Program, reported that teenagers were more likely than adults to identify Marlboro or Camel as the most advertised brand.