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ADVERTISEMENT. A 'notice' published either in handbills or in a newspaper.
     2. The law in many instances requires parties to advertise in order to give notice of acts which are to be done; in these cases, the advertisement is in general equivalent to notice.
     3. When an advertisement contains the terms of sale, or description of the property to be sold, it will bind the seller; and if there be a material misrepresentation, it may avoid the contract, or at least entitle the purchaser to a compensation and reduction from the agreed, price. Kapp's R. 344; 1 Chit. Pr. 295.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Case III At least two of the sellers choose 'to advertise'
In the simplified advertising game of the advertise-then-price game, when 0 < c < v/N, the strategy 'not to advertise' weakly dominates 'to advertise' for all sellers and the strategy profile that all of the sellers choose 'not to advertise' is the unique weakly dominant strategy equilibrium.
the taxpayer is neither obligated nor expected to perform or provide any services in exchange for the discount." While most resellers are not required to perform any service to earn a trade discount, most vendors "expect" them to advertise their products.
Consequently, for all consumers (except the ones at 0 and 1) willingness to pay is lower when firms advertise more.
Second, it is conceivable that firms choose to advertise to such an extent that the whole market is not covered.
The landlord's position was that the sign still advertises a business at that location, to wit, the building itself.
Another issue addressed was the relationship between CPA firms that currently advertise and their perceptions concerning whether their competitors were increasing their advertising expenditures.