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The French expert doesn't rule out the possibility that advertizing, commercials and other means of communication will soon make the poster medium redundant.
The owners of illegal advertizing boards have also been directed to remove the illegal hoarding, bill boards, flaxes, advertizing boards or get No Objection Certificate (NOC).
If it could do so, Irwin argued in the alternative, this advertizing ban violated their rights to corporate expression under the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.
ru's advertizing revenues to increase largely in line with the market, up 69% YoY to $80 mln.
The regional company with its headquarters in the Jordanian capital expects the Javna Media Network Platform to remarkably improve the mobile marketing and advertizing industry.
During the current crisis, only upper-class, multinational advertizing agencies with an international network have managed to keep up their performance.
This business does no advertizing, word of mouth and referrals has been its best advertisement.
Broadcasting in Kazakhstan, Channel 31 is also worth looking at, as should the CIS advertizing market produce good numbers, CTC Media may use its strong cash position to adopt a more aggressive expansion program for its operations there.
For 1997, according to the PPPI (Indonesian Advertizing Agencies' Association), the total ad spending has been projected at Rp 4,968 billion or nearly Rp 5 trillion, up 20% from last year.
The company outperformed the TV advertizing market and retained tight control over cash costs.