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noun advisement, advocacy, communication of knowledge, consilium, counsel, direction, guidance, instruction, legal counsel, notice, notification, opinion, prompting, proposal, proposition, rede, suggestion, view, warning
Associated concepts: advice of counsel, privilege
Foreign phrases: Incivile est, nisi tota lege perspecta, una aliqua particula ejus proposita, judicare, vel respondere.Unless the entire law has been examined, it is improper to pass judgment upon a single portion of it. Nemo ex connilio obligatur. No one is obligated as a consequence of giving advice. Simplex commendatio non obligat. A mere recommendation is not binding.
See also: admonition, advocacy, assistance, charge, clue, direction, guidance, help, instruction, monition, recommendation, service, suggestion, tip, warning

ADVICE, com. law. A letter containing information of any circumstances unknown to the person to whom it is written; when goods are forwarded by sea or land, the letter transmitted to inform the consignee of the fact, is termed advice of goods, or letter of advice. When one merchant draws upon another, he generally advises him of the fact. These letters are intended to give notice of the facts they contain.

ADVICE, practice. The opinion given by counsel to their clients; this should never be done but upon mature deliberation to the best of the counsel's ability; and without regard to the consideration whether it will affect the client favorably or unfavorably.

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While Citistreet also handles investments and plan administration, both firms have a roster of companies for which they provide advice, hand-holding and navigation aids for confused or worried employees.
Boyle, (469 US 241, 151 (1985)) observed that a taxpayer who relies on the advice of a professional should not be expected to seek a second opinion.
They might call themselves such, but how good is their advice if they're not registered, licensed or don't carry any professional designations?
Ironically, the only two advice works directed exclusively to the lower sort address that specific group among the poor: the young and dependent servant or apprentice.
One possible reason that few college attendees received advice from work-based sources is that younger college students may have a smaller network of work-based sources to consult.
As part of its commitment to encouraging innovation that may benefit consumers, ASIC has developed draft guidance on the provision of digital product advice to retail clients.
There are two types of privilege in employment law, litigation privilege and legal advice privilege.
Around 88 per cent of people who had face-to-face help from bodies the which MAS gives debt advice funding to in England and Wales went on to take some sort of action afterwards to get back on track, such as setting up a household budget.
As a receiver of advice you should be assured you will be offered a transparent and fair charging system, that you will be clear about the type of advice you are getting and that the advice is being offered by a qualified professional.
The service, which manages the DAWN Citizens Advice Bureau in Morpeth and the Northumberland Single Telephone Advice Line, is telling employees not to wait until their last day at work to start looking for help and preparing for the future.
To compare the effect of traditional and baby-led breasfeeding advice on early infant weight gain and exclusive breastfeeding rates, researchers from Bradford and Airedale Teaching Primary Care Trust conducted a part-prospective, part-retrospective study on exclusively breastfed infants in two cohorts--32 born before and 31 after a change in breastfeeding advice.
Because "[i]nvestment advice and management fees are commonly incurred outside of trusts" the court reasoned, "these costs are not exempt under section 67(e)(1) and are required to meet the two percent floor of section 67(a)" Id.