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noun advisement, advocacy, communication of knowledge, consilium, counsel, direction, guidance, instruction, legal counsel, notice, notification, opinion, prompting, proposal, proposition, rede, suggestion, view, warning
Associated concepts: advice of counsel, privilege
Foreign phrases: Incivile est, nisi tota lege perspecta, una aliqua particula ejus proposita, judicare, vel respondere.Unless the entire law has been examined, it is improper to pass judgment upon a single portion of it. Nemo ex connilio obligatur. No one is obligated as a consequence of giving advice. Simplex commendatio non obligat. A mere recommendation is not binding.
See also: admonition, advocacy, assistance, charge, clue, direction, guidance, help, instruction, monition, recommendation, service, suggestion, tip, warning

ADVICE, com. law. A letter containing information of any circumstances unknown to the person to whom it is written; when goods are forwarded by sea or land, the letter transmitted to inform the consignee of the fact, is termed advice of goods, or letter of advice. When one merchant draws upon another, he generally advises him of the fact. These letters are intended to give notice of the facts they contain.

ADVICE, practice. The opinion given by counsel to their clients; this should never be done but upon mature deliberation to the best of the counsel's ability; and without regard to the consideration whether it will affect the client favorably or unfavorably.

References in classic literature ?
The owl hasn't given us any advice, as yet," the boy declared.
Here then a league was struck (to borrow a phrase from the lady) between the contending parties; and now the parson arriving, and the horses being ready, the squire departed, having promised his sister to follow her advice, and she prepared to follow him the next day.
The honest locksmith alone addressed a few words of coherent and sensible advice to both parties, urging John Willet to remember that Joe was nearly arrived at man's estate, and should not be ruled with too tight a hand, and exhorting Joe himself to bear with his father's caprices, and rather endeavour to turn them aside by temperate remonstrance than by ill-timed rebellion.
Immediately we were teazed by those who brought us the mules, and demanded to be paid the hire of them; and had advice given us at the same time that we should get a present ready for the King.
Everybody scolds us, everybody gives us advice, everybody warns us.
But if the people at large had reason to confide in the men of that Congress, few of whom had been fully tried or generally known, still greater reason have they now to respect the judgment and advice of the convention, for it is well known that some of the most distinguished members of that Congress, who have been since tried and justly approved for patriotism and abilities, and who have grown old in acquiring political information, were also members of this convention, and carried into it their accumulated knowledge and experience.
Her nearest relations had been induced to place their savings in her father's hands, and though, after his death, they ungrudgingly acquitted themselves of the Christian duty of returning good for evil by giving his daughter all the advice at their disposal, they could hardly be expected to supplement it by material aid.
Twice or thrice before she had suddenly packed Ethan's valise and started off to Bettsbridge, or even Springfield, to seek the advice of some new doctor, and her husband had grown to dread these expeditions because of their cost.
He had never forgotten the master's brutal advice to Fanny Price.
In that case," Doctor Allday proceeded, "I want a word of advice.