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It would have been more advisable and practical if Bahrain Mall management decided to employ an engineering office to design the roof with glass and aluminium and allow some features in the aluminium sections to be incorporated to open automatically during fire.
It would be advisable for the public to swim nearer to the shore and avoid going far into the sea," he said.
SAND DOWN PAINT It is advisable to sand down glossed surfaces gently before re-painting so the new paint sticks well to the surface, however, never sand too harshly or for too long as the friction can cause the paint to soften and melt.
2 Autumn lawn care - now that the seasons are beginning their inevitable move towards autumn, it is not advisable to use high nitrogen feeds on lawns as this can encourage soft, lush growth that may be susceptible to fusarium patch in the cooler nights.
Still, to minimize risk, it is advisable before you plant to gather as much information as possible about trees that do well in your neighborhood.
4958 excess-benefit-transaction rules in particular, it is also advisable that there be a formal board resolution to undertake such a proposal, stating its intention to treat as compensation the unreimbursed value (e.
At a minimum, it seems advisable for members to discuss with the third party the specific controls in place to safeguard the client's information and to satisfy themselves that such controls are adequate.
If advisable, secure the safety belt around the resident (if so equipped).
It's advisable to avoid eating less than four hours before a long run, and frequent but small quantities of fluid are better to ingest than large drinks at a time.
As a Christian interpreter explores the issue of anti-Judaism in Christian theology or biblical interpretation, it is advisable for her or him to put aside defensiveness as much as possible.
The current frequency of three and six years for progress reports on nature and biodiversity results from the arrangements concluded at the time of adoption of each instrument as to the advisable and feasible frequency of the reports.
One procedure set in place for the entire camp may not be possible or advisable - different procedures may be needed depending upon the place of the incident.