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To give an opinion or recommend a plan or course of action; to give notice; to encourage, inform, or acquaint.

Advise does not mean the same as instruct or persuade. If a statute authorized a trial court to acquit, the court has no power to instruct the jury to acquit. The court can only counsel, and the jury is not bound by the advice.


verb advocate, alert, apprise, auctorem esse, caution, coach, communicate, confer with, consiliari, consillum dare, consult with, convey, counsel, direct, enlighten, express, familiarize, forewarn, give advice, give an opinion, give counsel, give information, give notice, give one to unnerstand, give suggestions, give warning, guide, homini suadere, impart, inform, intimate, make known, mention, notify, offer an opinion, offer counsel, opine, prescribe, recommend, remind, represent, reprove, submit, suggest, warn
Associated concepts: advisory opinion, declaratory judgment
Foreign phrases: Consilia multorum quaeruntur in magnis.The advice of many are required in af fairs of magnitude.
See also: advocate, alert, annunciate, apprise, assist, charge, communicate, confer, consult, contribute, converse, convey, counsel, direct, disabuse, disclose, exhort, forewarn, help, impart, incite, inform, instruct, motivate, notice, notify, persuade, predict, presage, prognosticate, prompt, propose, reason, recommend, relate, remind, remonstrate, report, reveal, signify, tell, urge
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am afraid of the discoveries which she may make; and I am strongly tempted to advise her to leave the proposed examination to her aunt's lawyer.
One word more: in any case I advise you to settle the question soon.
Current examples include Airmen deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan who advise on a full-time basis.
ADVISE provides referral services for domestic violence and sexual assault victims.
The reality is that plan sponsors are not going to be experts on federal pension law or tax law, and for that reason they need to seek and rely on outsiders to advise them," says Robert Doyle, the DOL's director of regulations and interpretations.
When shopping for a CRM solution, he advises, schools should make sure the system is used by more than one functional group.
CPAs should advise companies to be honest and forthcoming with lenders and err on the side of overdisclosure.
4] USMTM's mission is to advise and assist the Saudi Arabian armed forces through security cooperation efforts in developing, training and sustaining capable deterrent and self-defense forces for Saudi Arabia in order to facilitate regional security.
physicians now advise for almost everyone over age 2.
A comprehensive overview of the key legal issues that general counsel need to advise their board of directors on, how to best advise your board in each of these scenarios, and important do's and don'ts you should be aware of
And so, a word to the wise: To help their clients and employers stay out of disclosure-related trouble, CPAs should advise them to retain legal counsel who follows the SEC's regulation FD-related activities.
According to Mike Eisenberg, a West Los Angeles-based CPA, PFS, who currently advises his individual clients on their 401(k) investments, some cost-benefit analysis is required before leaping in to this expanded practice area.