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The deal has "immense implications for the Israeli economy, and I use that word advisedly," Netanyahu told reporters after meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Rome.
And he makes you feel - I use this advisedly - at home.
But having been one of those privileged enough to be at Wembley, I can use that term advisedly and say that it really was the match that put the word friendly back into such contests.
The average Joe has little time to distinguish the usual suspects when it comes to postsecondary vocational education reform--and we use the word reform advisedly.
It has taken a while for the full extent of the crisis - and I use the word advisedly - to reveal itself.
Jouini expressed, in this regard, Tunisia's will to advisedly make the most of all opportunities to hoist partnership between the two countries to higher levels, pointing out that potentialities are available today to strengthen the Tunisian-French partnership relations.
But I believe his performance, and I use the word advisedly, on the show proved exactly why it was a good idea to allow him to take part.
When I decided on the title 'Critical care' I did so advisedly.
Pointing out that the electrical conductivity of copper is 60% superior to that of its main competitor, aluminium, copper producers estimate that each ton of copper used advisedly in the improvement of outputs of energy systems would make it possible to save 200 tonnes of CO2.
And one uses the term "stories" advisedly, since Cohen self-consciously crafts the chapters of his book as stories, each with a writer's concern for voice, irony, literary conventions, drama, and genre.
The first is the question of the full and direct inclusion of the gentiles, which, as we know well from Acts 15 and Galatians, was the first major bone of contention in the "Jesus movement" (a term used advisedly, to stress that Christianity was, in fact, a group or sect within Judaism until at least A.