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I say "hopped" advisedly, for the beast moved like a kangaroo, springing along in an erect position upon its powerful hind legs, while its front ones were held bent in front of it.
CHORUS This taunt, it well may be, was blurted out In petulance, not spoken advisedly.
I use "great trouble" advisedly. Young, handsome, with an assured position as the right-hand man of Eben Hale, the great street-railway magnate, there could be no reason for him to complain of fortune's favors.
And yet I am very much of the opinion, my dears, that he has not chosen his profession advisedly."
I say it advisedly; there's a vast deal of courage in it.
I pen the last word advisedly. I fancy it is one which I have never used before in writing of A.
"Advisedly so, my dear Bunny; why spoil a pleasure trip by talking unnecessary shop?
The "M.M." may (and I used that word advisedly) be some sort of inspector's mark, though that's merely a guess on my part.
We use 'loved ones' advisedly because in normal circumstances, 'love' and 'homicide' should not go together.
The ambassador said in reported comments he hoped that Pakistani leadership will take decisions advisedly.
We will probably see more opinions on the $10.5-million payout to the young terrorist (and I use the term advisedly) than on any other topic in recent years.
The deal has "immense implications for the Israeli economy, and I use that word advisedly," Netanyahu told reporters after meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Rome.