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Deliberation; consultation.A court takes a case under advisement after it has heard the arguments made by the counsel of opposing sides in the lawsuit but before it renders its decision.

See: advice, caveat, consideration, contemplation, deliberation, disclosure, guidance


(US) deliberation. Where the judge takes the matter under advisement he is considering his decision. See also AVIZANDUM, CUR. AD. VULT.

ADVISEMENT. Consideration, deliberation, consultation; as the court holds the case under advisement.

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Seventeen of the women in this study were able to identify similarities between parental and advisement relationships.
In her role, Leung will oversee Scenic Advisement Wealth, a first-of-its-kind wealth management service that blends public-market and private-market investments, introducing active valuation, execution competency and risk management across both asset classes.
The combined firm will have over 130 employees and will provide full-retainer services to over USD 58bn in a majority of institutional assets under advisement across all client segments throughout the Americas.
Upon closing of the takeover, Aspiriant will have some 800 clients and USD7bn in assets under management and advisement.
It provides data on approximately 500,000 investment offerings and has over USD200bn in assets under advisement and management as of 30 September 2016.
The grant will fund reading tutoring, supplemental instruction, personalized counseling and advisement, computer tracking of academic progress, academic "interventions," and faculty training in reading pedagogy.
The 1996 "High Schools That Work" Assessment report contains positive and negative findings about the effectiveness of the high school advisement process in guiding career-bound students into challenging academic programs that will equip them for work and postsecondary study.
Though he has received what he called a flood of calls and e-mails with the advisement to "rebuild, not a floor less than 110 and two towers," he feels that something contextual and less, lofty -- 59-65 stories -- is more appropriate in these times.