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But the advisers n'entendent pas de cette oreille, voila le mal.* Some want a thing- others don't.
The senior partner--the tried friend and adviser of our family--received me.
"As her ladyship's legal adviser," he said, "I support the protest which her ladyship has just made."
Before he could put the question there was a momentary contest between Lady Lundie and her legal adviser. Silencing her ladyship
Moy as well as by her own adviser. Sir Patrick went on.
With all these personal advantages, it is a question, nevertheless, whether he was the fittest adviser whom Agnes could have chosen under the circumstances.
In the third place, I am now the chosen adviser in whom she trusts; and what I tell her to do, she will do.
Moreover, although he had lived so long in the closest relations with the peasants, as farmer and arbitrator, and what was more, as adviser
Put the case that a woman, under such circumstances as you have mentioned, held her child concealed, and was obliged to communicate the fact to her legal adviser, on his representing to her that he must know, with an eye to the latitude of his defence, how the fact stood about that child.
"Put the case, Pip, that here was one pretty little child out of the heap, who could be saved; whom the father believed dead, and dared make no stir about; as to whom, over the mother, the legal adviser had this power: "I know what you did, and how you did it.
Summary paragraph: When choosing recordkeepers and investment managers, advisers focus on their preferred firm
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