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To give an opinion or recommend a plan or course of action; to give notice; to encourage, inform, or acquaint.

Advise does not mean the same as instruct or persuade. If a statute authorized a trial court to acquit, the court has no power to instruct the jury to acquit. The court can only counsel, and the jury is not bound by the advice.


verb advocate, alert, apprise, auctorem esse, caution, coach, communicate, confer with, consiliari, consillum dare, consult with, convey, counsel, direct, enlighten, express, familiarize, forewarn, give advice, give an opinion, give counsel, give information, give notice, give one to unnerstand, give suggestions, give warning, guide, homini suadere, impart, inform, intimate, make known, mention, notify, offer an opinion, offer counsel, opine, prescribe, recommend, remind, represent, reprove, submit, suggest, warn
Associated concepts: advisory opinion, declaratory judgment
Foreign phrases: Consilia multorum quaeruntur in magnis.The advice of many are required in af fairs of magnitude.
See also: advocate, alert, annunciate, apprise, assist, charge, communicate, confer, consult, contribute, converse, convey, counsel, direct, disabuse, disclose, exhort, forewarn, help, impart, incite, inform, instruct, motivate, notice, notify, persuade, predict, presage, prognosticate, prompt, propose, reason, recommend, relate, remind, remonstrate, report, reveal, signify, tell, urge
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* Trains and advises the team in the use of biometric and forensic equipment used in tactical site exploitation.
The LGU Sagada also advises the public that there will be no bus trips from Baguio City and Sagada and vice versa on January 1.
James Dougherty, based in Greenwich, advises on estate planning and administration, probate matters and litigation arising from trust and estate succession issues.
Thus an advisor who teaches within management seems better suited to advise a student about the management curriculum; also, an advisor whose specialty is management is more likely to understand the career trends relevant to the major.
He also advises a number of public sector bodies in Wales such as the NHS on the employment implications of managing change including shared services initiatives and outsourcing and mergers.
"You can instill fear in your workforce by talking about emergency-preparedness plans." So, while, she suggests companies look into purchasing masks to protect employees going out in public, she advises, "if you're starting to run drills to evacuate a building, you've got to be pretty clear in terms of what your intent is, or people can misread it."
Walker also advises insurers to target consumer attitudes and motivation in addition to demographics.
Because of the lack of official travel recommendations, Rhonda Goldfein, executive director of the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania, advises seropositive tourists to contact U.S.
In several additional chapters the book advises on horror resources, collection development, and marketing the collection.
The ruling advises that members "must take all necessary precautions to be sure the use of outside services does not result in the release of confidential information." (Because of continuing questions concerning the use of third-party providers, the professional ethics executive committee [PEEC] in its meeting on January 22, 2004, appointed a task force to study whether this ruling needs to be revised.
"I wouldn't advise anyone to buy a beauty parlor unless they were buying the building," advises Younger-Huff in retrospect.
Consultant Rangaswami advises chief executives not to underestimate the time it takes to pick and manage a good partner.