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To give an opinion or recommend a plan or course of action; to give notice; to encourage, inform, or acquaint.

Advise does not mean the same as instruct or persuade. If a statute authorized a trial court to acquit, the court has no power to instruct the jury to acquit. The court can only counsel, and the jury is not bound by the advice.


verb advocate, alert, apprise, auctorem esse, caution, coach, communicate, confer with, consiliari, consillum dare, consult with, convey, counsel, direct, enlighten, express, familiarize, forewarn, give advice, give an opinion, give counsel, give information, give notice, give one to unnerstand, give suggestions, give warning, guide, homini suadere, impart, inform, intimate, make known, mention, notify, offer an opinion, offer counsel, opine, prescribe, recommend, remind, represent, reprove, submit, suggest, warn
Associated concepts: advisory opinion, declaratory judgment
Foreign phrases: Consilia multorum quaeruntur in magnis.The advice of many are required in af fairs of magnitude.
See also: advocate, alert, annunciate, apprise, assist, charge, communicate, confer, consult, contribute, converse, convey, counsel, direct, disabuse, disclose, exhort, forewarn, help, impart, incite, inform, instruct, motivate, notice, notify, persuade, predict, presage, prognosticate, prompt, propose, reason, recommend, relate, remind, remonstrate, report, reveal, signify, tell, urge
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Lian Fang, based in New York, advises on wealth planning matters, frequently working with multi-generational families to assist them with transferring their wealth to younger generations.
Dickinson Dees advises insurance firms, local authorities and NHS trusts.
Visit other schools and speak with their CRM solution implementers to get a feel for obstacles and pitfalls, they advise.
Pat Welsh's ``Southern California Gardening'' advises using 1 tablespoon of aluminum sulfate per foot of plant height mixed with water and applied several times in fall.
Feldman says that since many investors have Internet access, almost every company he advises uses the Internet-based programs to publicize the announcements and presentations they make at analyst meetings and investor conferences.
Besides developing a risk management plan, he advises executives to pay special attention to ethical considerations, making sure that overseas employees are paid fairly and that workplace conditions are safe.
4] USMTM's mission is to advise and assist the Saudi Arabian armed forces through security cooperation efforts in developing, training and sustaining capable deterrent and self-defense forces for Saudi Arabia in order to facilitate regional security.
The manual also advises agents on the steps necessary to analyze the remaining factors: the contractual terms, economic conditions, products produced and services performed.
In response to recently released data on food borne illness outbreaks in American high schools, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) advises better pest control practices to protect against pest-related food contamination.
He advises clients with respect to master agreements and credit support documents for over-the-counter forward and derivatives transactions involving a variety of commodities, including power, natural gas, metals, and petroleum products and the commercial, regulatory, and bankruptcy considerations related to those transactions.
DiCapua advises to observe it, inspect it, and if it does become friable, encapsulate it, enclose it or remove it.
Finally, it advises a search for informal arrangements under which hospitals transfer something of value to "physician group practices or clinics" in exchange for referrals.