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Stephen Nerland, based in London, advises US nationals based in the UK on their US tax and estate planning, as well as advising non-US individuals on tax planning ahead of moving to the US.
NACADA promotes and supports quality academic advising at two-year colleges that enhances the educational development of students.
One determinant of retention and academic performance is sound academic advising (Kim and Feldman, 2011).
From the university administration standpoint, advising mistakes are bad because poorly advised students frequently require special consideration, policy deviations, and can expose the institution to potential legal liability (Swanson, 2006; Ford, 2010).
Air advising is "the act of communicating professional knowledge and skills to partner nation personnel in order to improve their airpower capabilities.
Price stated he left the car lot, returned to the jail and released the 3 boys advising them to get out of town.
The Birmingham office is advising on some high-quality energy mandates, but there are no immediate plans to replace the recent departures.
Advising Everton Football Club on the outsourcing of retail operations to JJB'
In this publication of the National Academic Advising Association, a NACADA past president introduces an integrated approach to academic and career advising for advisors from diverse fields.
This increased regulatory environment provides CPAs with an opportunity to advise small and midsize businesses about shoring up the fiduciary process, from advising on prudent investment practices to tax code compliance.
Jerri Dwyer, associate director of the UA Career Center, will be co-presenting to the 2004 state conference for the Arkansas Academic Advising Network in March.