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* Describes how to assess a foreign security force and establish advising goals.
MBO finance highlights included advising Lloyds and HSBC on a PS280m facility to fund Investcorp's backing of the acquisition of Kee Safety Group.
Intrusive advising isn't just a rebranding of traditional methods.
Stephen Nerland, based in London, advises US nationals based in the UK on their US tax and estate planning, as well as advising non-US individuals on tax planning ahead of moving to the US.
Wilson's recent work highlights include advising the lenders to an international sponsor consortium on the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Company procured solar independent power project (IPP) in Abu Dhabi; advising a Japanese sponsor in connection with the Az Zour North 2 Independent Water and Power Project in Kuwait; and advising a GCC-based sponsor in respect of the development of an IPP in Armenia.
NACADA promotes and supports quality academic advising at two-year colleges that enhances the educational development of students.
In the education arena, Frank has widespread expertise in the schools sector, advising academy trusts and sponsors on regulatory and financing frameworks and corporate governance.
One determinant of retention and academic performance is sound academic advising (Kim and Feldman, 2011).
This award recognizes executive officers, provosts and academic or student affairs officers who exemplify a commitment to academic advising and are true advocates for advising students and advisors across the institution.
One of the main outcomes of this situation is that students require more individual advising than in the past to avoid course selection errors (Bansal et al., 2003; McMahan, 2014).
Air Force has developed a scalable capability for air advising that is designed to enhance access, build relationships, and create partner capabilities that enable and create synergies for the joint force.
Randy Little, a professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in Mississippi State University's Department of Agricultural Economics, has received a national award for his excellence in student advising. Little has formally guided the career paths of more than 300 undergraduate students since he began at MSU in 1990, and he has informally advised more than 1,000 students during that time as students value his wisdom and seek his guidance.