advisory board

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In addition to forming the advisory board, ngena welcomes Bart de Graaff as Chief Commercial Officer & Managing Director.
I am confident that the members of the advisory board will bring a wealth of additional perspectives to help us realize our vision.
Campus conversations: Has anyone at the respondent's campus discussed forming an advisory board?(Q24) Among the 120 respondents who do not currently have advisory boards, 24% stated that their institutions have explored forming one.
That's quite a lot of activity for an advisory board that doesn't exist!
In the last AGM (Annual General Meeting) of the FICA, it was decided to form the advisory board and member of all Board Members were asked to propose name and we suggested Sanga's name",Ken De Alwis added.
Last month I stepped down after completing a seven-year stint on the Client Advisory Board at The Hannon Financial Group.
By sharing information about advisory board usage, newer programs can learn how to get the most out of their advisory boards, while schools with no advisory boards can use the survey's results when deciding whether or not an advisory board should be considered for their situation.
Under the deal, Minnesota, US-based health services company Optum will acquire the health care business of The Advisory Board.
As mentioned above, one of the goals of the advisory board is providing suggestions regarding curriculum and course topics.
Department of Defense and NASA; 28 of the world's top academic institutions; and several smaller organizations focused in specific domains, the 100 Corporate Advisory Board members represent over 200,000 systems engineers that span a wide range of domains and industry sectors.
However, Banco Santander has created an eight-member international advisory board that will provide strategic advice on a broad set of issues including innovation, digital transformation, cybersecurity, new technologies and changing customer expectations.
Cheick Diarra, former acting Prime Minister of Mali, to its advisory board.

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