advisory board

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Sanctuary officials are not interested in adding another layer of regulations to activities already regulated by state and federal agencies, said Greg Helms, a program manager for the Channel Islands Ecosystem office and a sanctuary advisory board member.
The 36-member Community Police Advisory Board was created in May 1994 and includes area business and religious leaders, Neighborhood Watch representatives and other residents.
Known for providing current and up-to-date curriculum on the cutting-edge of what is in demand in continuing education, each of UC Irvine Extension's specialized certificate programs consult with an advisory board of national and local business leaders from various organizations and roles within the industry.
Lin Squires of Northridge, a member of both the Devonshire and Foothill advisory boards, said the program serves as a "two-way communication system.
Bruce Thew, European President of Outsource Partners International and a member of the European Advisory Board notes, "Having come from HR outsourcing provider Ceridian Group, I am keenly aware of the marketplace for outsourcing.
Lynx Management, along with its Advisory Board, will continue to bring its intellectual capital to the marketplace in the form of new training products and methodologies for the elite and professional athlete.
Fleming added: "All of the Advisory Board members are ready to apply their varied experiences in all areas of the healthcare industry to support the Misys Center's stated aims and Misys' work with local community leaders in providing higher quality healthcare and lowering associated costs.
We are delighted to welcome these key individuals to our advisory board.
The Ambric technical advisory board has been meeting quarterly at Ambric since its inception in 2004 to give regular feedback on the development of Ambric's programming model, chip, and software development tools.
Osterweil's public sector industry and trust environment experience will be a great asset to the Advisory Board, and will enhance Keenan's resources for meeting our customers' needs.
We are pleased to participate in Optio's EMEA Customer Advisory Board Conference," said Guy Brooker, IT Manager, FinnForest UK Limited.
The Advisory Board will provide feedback regarding product direction and discuss best practices related to the use of Paisley Consulting's risk management, compliance and audit software solutions.

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