advisory body

See: congress, panel
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The Gallaudet University board of associates is an advisory body comprised of leaders in the business and philanthropic communities that is chartered with promoting Gallaudet within the business community, assisting with fundraising, and acting as a mentor by sharing business knowledge with Gallaudet students.
STEVENSON RANCH - The Stevenson Ranch Town Council, an advisory body to the county Board of Supervisors, has changed its name to West Ranch Town Council as it seeks to expand its influence over the developing West Ranch area to the north and the planned Newhall Ranch.
The panel serves as an advisory body to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, reviewing new developments and providing information to the community about issues including safety and parks and recreation.
and Australia's foremost IT security advisory body, the Defence Signals Directorate through the Australasian Information Security Evaluation Programme.
The Town Council, which is an elected advisory body, voted 7-0 on Jan.
242k(k)) public advisory body to the Secretary of Health and Human Services in the area of health data and statistics.
He cites questions about the underlying science used in setting the Channel Island marine reserves raised by the Science and Statistical Committee of the Pacific Fisheries Management Council, an advisory body to the National Marine Fisheries Service.
The AVCC acts as a consultative and advisory body for all university affairs.
The council is an advisory body to Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D.
The Commission, established in May 2000, serves as an advisory body to the Mayor, City Council, and City Manager on policy issues relating to Science and Technology matters and on continued investment in the San Diego region.
The new member will represent Val Verde and replace Ruth Griffin, who resigned following infighting on the 10-member council, an advisory body to 5th District Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D.
Felix Basadre, Project Director Information System Advisory Body (ISAB), states, "After careful evaluation, ISAB selected Identitech's FYI product suite based on product function, scalability and their proven success within the government market.

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