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The act of Pleading or arguing a case or a position; forceful persuasion.

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speaking for others. Previously restricted to aspects of the legal profession, various agencies now provide various advocacy services to assist individuals in other contexts.
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The 'Global Advocacy Software Industry, 2015-2025 Market Research Report' Is A Professional And In-Depth Study On The Current State Of The Global Advocacy Software Industry With A Focus On The Global Market.
Merriam-Webster defines advocacy as the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal.
According to Dr Jega, advocacy groups into family planning will only be able to continue to drive Family planning sustainability if they ensure a strong and robust financial and management systems that will engender donor support.
The Advocacy Fund augments the SCNA budgeted amounts that are needed for a variety of costs related to advocacy.
Most literature on pedagogical approaches to policy advocacy describe the didactic content and assignments instructors use, but do not evaluate the effectiveness of these learning opportunities on nursing students' subsequent advocacy behavior (O'Neill, 2016).
Advocacy: Deb Crook Innovation: Beth Roten Leadership: Kathy Fagan
Often librarians believe that promoting library services through newsletters and having a library website suffice as advocacy. However, an examination of AASL's definition of advocacy requires a deeper and more strategic investment in planning and action to achieve the level of partnership-building that true advocacy suggests.
Several articles have addressed school counselor LGB advocacy (Bidell, 2011; Brubaker, Harper, & Singh, 2011; Byrd and Hays, 2012; Pope, Bunch, & Rankins, 2010).
The purpose of the program was to build the advocacy capacity of the business community on how to debate regarding implementation of government's economic agenda and how they could be more effective in claiming better policy space.
They have also developed advocacy curriculum for students (Curran, Ned, and Winkleby, 2013).
This may also be referred to as public advocacy if it increases awareness and/or educates others (ID Action Team, 2012).

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