advocating change

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Those who are advocating change from the use of the same systemic institutions are thus suffering from delusions conditioned by ideological impediments preventing them at probing the past for lessons into how the country coped.
The path of action is certainly a legitimate one (including serving the poor and advocating change), but equally legitimate is the path of devotion, the path of the intellect, and the path of sound or mantra contemplation, to name a few.
The middle-class are brilliant at advocating change and will complain about anything and everything, especially if it impacts on the lives of their precious little darlings.
Major national changes must emanate from detailed written analyses and the duty for presenting this lies with those advocating change. The big clue that these are false ideas is the absence of such analyses and the use of vague media talk alone to sell them.
These women consciously built supportive, nonviolent alternatives and loving communities as well as advocating change. They have given voice to the unrepresented and hope to victims of violence and those who dream of a peaceful world, according to the NWHA information.
It aims at advocating change in systems and mindsets by educating about hygiene curriculum, developing better toilet infrastructure in schools and capacity to empower long term behavioral change about sanitation.
There is a danger that as these protests become more commonplace and widespread, there are elements within who might be tempted once more to turn to violence as a way of advocating change. Given the events in Iraq and its recent history, there is no desire now for any more killing or violence as a means to a political or economic end.
I understand that advocating change to policy and pastoral practice within the church is going to invariably evoke resistance.
Though it is too early to tell whether meaningful changes can be expected, cases such as Zimbabwe suggest that its citizens can envisage more of the same.2017 REVIEWNevertheless, a review of developments in 2017 shows that it was a fruitful year for those advocating change.
Thanyawan has worked in the social enterprise sector in her native Thailand for the last three years, bringing important social issues to the attention of the general population and advocating change.Thanyawan found that many of the communications she helped launch only served to awareness of an issue they did not impact any measurable change in larger society.
Many fans had been advocating change back in May and the shows of dissent at Anfield grew louder as every horribly disjointed performance turned up the heat on the Northern Irishman.
Their wishes might come true but this would require a change in the thinking of Iran's leadership, which has cracked down on those advocating change. Extremists, who are anti-West and anti-modernization, have taken power.