advocating change

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2017 REVIEWNevertheless, a review of developments in 2017 shows that it was a fruitful year for those advocating change.
Thanyawan has worked in the social enterprise sector in her native Thailand for the last three years, bringing important social issues to the attention of the general population and advocating change.
Many fans had been advocating change back in May and the shows of dissent at Anfield grew louder as every horribly disjointed performance turned up the heat on the Northern Irishman.
Their wishes might come true but this would require a change in the thinking of Iran's leadership, which has cracked down on those advocating change.
Scientists advocating change say the IVF procedure will prevent serious inherited diseases and is no more controversial than a blood transfusion.
However, the realization that prison is really expensive does not mean that people advocating change care about racial justice.
If you are advocating change, you might want to eliminate references to Chicago as the Windy City, the City of Big Shoulders, Chi-Town, or the City That Works or adjectives like "muscular.
However, the UAE group advocating change has in a public statement called for "a comprehensive reform of the parliamentary system of the
On the other hand, those advocating change, argue that Hamas is less likely to antagonise Israel if "it is made a stakeholder that is accountable for revived hopes of a Palestinian state".
Instead, he has been advocating change from the sidelines, while urging election boycotts.
Hearn himself, while advocating change elsewhere in the calendar, has said the World Championship format in untouchable.