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It is this return to the making self, or even the self-maker, that characterizes the contributions to this special issue: From Gallagher's student makers to Leggo's advocation of living poetically, contributors are problematizing the discourse of the creative economy and education that regards students as economic unit-like subjects.
Did Ben Schroeder not only make the trip, thanks to some active advocation by major Vans water drawer Jeff Grosso, but did he also leap the channel in a spirited Jeff Phillips tribute?
Chow was speaking to reporters after a Penang Road Safety Council (MJKR) Special Advocation meeting in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidilfitri at Juru toll plaza here today.
The US has garnered some responsibility for the outcome of the terrible events there and it is incumbent on the United Nations to prevent the further breakdown of order in an already unstable region by acting quickly to curb the unnecessary bloodshed through advocation of the peace plan and the immediate end to sales of weapons to the Saudis.
Part tongue-in-cheek view askew, part serious social commentary, and part advocation for open-mindedness, Be a Hater is highly recommended.
She was strong voice of advocation for protection of rights of oppressed and depressed segments of the society.
That is, public health approaches would include both advocation and openness to mental health issues, whereby intervention would stand as the primary road to prevention.
SilencerCo's dedication to education and advocation for silencers is matched only by its penchant for innovation.
In conclusion, it is quite impressive that the authors, in their advocation of liberal enlightenment, analyze in detail the historical and intellectual roots of liberal Enlightenment and counter-Enlightenment, taking into account different geographies of the world including the Middle East.
(65) Though forms of supervisory review varied, the Court of Session often deployed homegrown remedies such as reduction, advocation, and suspension to maintain uniformity of decision and correct errors in lower courts.