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To support or defend by argument; to recommend publicly. An individual who presents or argues another's case; one who gives legal advice and pleads the cause of another before a court or tribunal; a counselor. A person admitted to the Practice of Law who advises clients of their legal rights and argues their cases in court.


(Counselor), noun adviser, apologist, attorney-at-law, barrister, champion, counsel learned in the law, counselor-at-law, defender, friend at court, friend in court, interagent, interceder, interlocutor, intermediary, intermediate, intermediite agent, intermediator, intermedium, internuncio, interventionist, interventor, jurisconsult, jurist, justifier, lawyer, learned counsel, legal adviser, legal practitioner, legal representative, legate, legist, maintainer, man of law, medium, member of the legal profession, mover, negotiator, one called to the bar, paraclete, patron, patronus, pleader, proctor, prompter, protector, seconder, solicitor, spokesman, spokeswoman, suasor, upholder, votary


(Espouser), noun abettor, adherent, auctor, backer, champion, countenancer, defender, exponent, expounder, favorer, maintainer, partisan, patron, promoter, propagandist, propagator, proponent, seconder, sectary, spokesman, spokeswoman, support, supporter, sympathizer, upholder, votary
Associated concepts: advocate the abolishment of the death sentence, advocate the commission of a crime, advocate the overthrow of government


verb advise, allege in support, approve, argue for, assert, back, champion, commend, consent, connend for, counsel, defend, endorse, espouse, exhort, favor, give advice, plead for, plead in favor of, plead one's case, plead one's cause, prescribe, promote, prompt, propose, propound, recommend, sanction, second, speak in favor of, suadere, subscribe to, suggest, support, uphold, urge
Associated concepts: advocate the commission of a crime, advocate the overthrow of government
See also: abet, abettor, accept, adhere, admonish, advance, advise, amicus curiae, apologist, approve, assistant, attest, attorney, authorize, avow, backer, barrister, benefactor, certify, claim, coactor, colleague, conduit, corroborate, council, counsel, counselor, countenance, defend, direct, disciple, embrace, espouse, esquire, exhort, favor, foster, incite, indorse, instruct, intermediary, jurist, lawyer, maintain, organize, partisan, pass, patron, petition, plead, plenipotentiary, posit, prescribe, pressure, proctor, profess, promise, promote, promoter, proponent, propose, propound, side, special interest, spokesman, sponsor, subscribe, sustain, uphold, urge


in Scotland, a member of the faculty of advocates. (Note, however, that in Aberdeen solicitors call themselves advocates.) An advocate is the Scottish equivalent of a BARRISTER. Advocates have the exclusive right to represent parties in the higher courts, subject, since legislation first introduced in 1990, to the provision that a SOLICITOR ADVOCATE is allowed to appear in these courts as well. The Faculty is a self-regulating body dating from the early 16th century. Its head is the elected Dean of Faculty. He is assisted by a Council.

Training and education involves an LLB degree and a diploma in legal practice. The aspiring advocate breaks off the period of traineeship in a solicitor's office and then spends a period of pupillage, assisting and learning from his pupil master. Specialized court skills training is given. The entrant has to be elected at the end of the process.

The professional code of the advocate is similar to that of the barrister, involving an obligation to act for any client willing to pay the necessary fee. The barrister's immunity for negligence having been departed from, it may reasonably be assumed that advocates will now be liable for their negligence in Scotland.

Advocates do not practise in chambers; rather they are independent. They do arrange to have one clerk act for a number of advocates. Although the advocate's fee is legally an honorarium and not recoverable through the courts, the Faculty established Faculty Services Ltd, which acts as a debt collector for members and provides them with general office services.

ADVOCATE, civil and ecclesiastical law. 1. An officer who maintains or de fends the rights of his client in the same manner as the counsellor does in the common law.
     2. Lord Advocate. An, officer of state in Scotland, appointed by the king, to advise about the making and executing the law, to prosecute capital crimes, &c.
     3. College or faculty of advocates. A college consisting of 180 persons, appointed to plead in. all actions before the lords of sessions.
     4. Church or ecclesiastical advocates. Pleaders appointed by the church to maintain its rights.
     5.-2. A patron who has the advowson or presentation to a church. Tech. Dict.; Ayl. Per. 53; Dane Ab. c.,31, Sec. 20. See Counsellor at law; Honorarium.

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the advocator of plurality, democracy, and human rights and the political and moral protector of the Free World - recanted the sanctioning of the killer with Sarin gas in Syria, offered concessions to Russia that is insisting on the stay of the Syrian regime, and made offers to Iran to serve some of its interests.
In Japan, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, the regulator, and the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, the advocator, both sit under the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (Nakamuri and Kikuchi 2011).
An advocator of traditional Assamese culture, Jagannth Mahanta, said that people are getting attracted to Bhaona.
Al Kazemi, a key advocator for the recent demand for district cooling systems in Kuwait said, "District cooling systems have been proven in neighbouring Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, driven by the growing need to achieve energy savings and reduce the environmental impact.
I am not an advocator of former glory but the Prophet (peace be upon him) is not somebody of the past to us.
Gabriel is depicted as both a postcolonial appropriator of mitered cultural artifacts and also as a tireless promoter and advocator on the part of marginalized musical cultures.
Qassem depicted Lieberman as a main advocator of Zionism and the Israeli entity, and said that the latter's visit to the borders with Syria was doubtful and unjustified.
With the addition of these conditions to the Compassionate Allowance list, more people with severe conditions will be approved for benefits quickly," says Brett Albren, President of The Advocator Group.
She's also an advocator of Chinese facial diagnosis"I always use my own advanced skin therapy regime, especially the KQ10 cream which is a derivative of Vitamin K.
She is a lead advocator and litigator against Marcellus Shale drilling and other environmental hazards to the four-state area watershed.
The Advocator Group navigates the system on behalf of the disabled to get them the benefits they need and deserve.
The global human rights advocator singled out the case of Adil Ibraim Karar, a 56-year-old activist who remains detained by the NISS despite the release of over 70 other activists who attempted to stage anti-government protests earlier this year, as deserving of urgent action.