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Allowing individuals with MS further control over their daily lives can be difficult when working with individuals whose cognitive abilities have been adversely affected by their MS, and who experience symptoms such as adynamia, concrete and rigid thinking, memory loss, and disinhibition (O'Callaghan & Brown, 1989).
Most of them presented with fever, weight loss, adynamia, and hepatosplenomegaly (Fig.
What deactivates operativity in a form-of-life is an experience of potentiality or habit, it is the habitual use of a potentiality that manifests itself as power of not [Aristotle calls it adynamia, impotentiality, formulating the axiom according to which "all potentiality is, on the basis of the same and with respect to the same, impotentiality" (Met.
Physical examination revealed dehydration (arterial hypotension: 90/60 mmHg; ocular hypotonia, persistent skin plicature); arrhythmia, mitral and aortic systolic murmurs, adynamia, confusion.
Patient 2: A 76 year-old man with a history of arterial hypertension, atherosclerotic coronary disease and Kaposi's sarcoma ten years before, treated with chemotherapy, which was suspended in November 2006 because of recurrent episodes of fever, chills, anorexia and adynamia, diarrhea or constipation, sweating, a little coughing and headache.