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Ogilvie's Paralytic syndrome ileus Impaired area Limited to colon Throughout the gut Bowel sounds Hyperactive/high- Always absent pitched/absent Nausea & vomiting Mild and More common inconstantly present Passing flatus Present Always ceased Passing stool Present/diarrhea/ Always ceased obstipation Table 2: Pre- and intraoperative measures taken in pregnant women to avoid adynamic ileus.
Notably, sclerostin levels increase in CKD despite higher renal elimination and have been associated with adynamic bone disease [2, 3, 9, 107-109].
In patients with adynamic bone disorder (low bone turnover), the viability of osteoblasts and osteoclasts is low.
Renal bone disease can be divided into low bone turnover (adynamic bone disease) and high bone turnover states.
ADYNAMIC private sectorled partnership in the North East is working with education to develop a completely new way of attracting talented young people into the construction sector.
(28) This ripples as adynamic interplay between stitched-together parts
Patients with adynamic bone disease appear to improve after renal transplantation [13, 14].
[4] proposed adynamic assignment model with a joint choice for the departure time and number of stops and a space-time path in which users decided to leave at given times, to access the network at given stops, and to board given trains to reach their destinations.
Bisphosphonate use in chronic kidney disease associated with adynamic bone disease.
Conceptualizing accelerated internationalization in the born global firm: Adynamic capabilities perspective.