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Goals of imaging in bowel obstruction Confirm or suggest the diagnosis of bowel obstruction Differentiate mechanical obstruction from adynamic ileus Define the level of obstruction Small-bowel obstruction: proximal, mid, or distal Large-bowel obstruction: specific colonic segment Grade the severity of obstruction (low, intermediate, or high) Identify surgical emergencies (closed loop and strangulation) Identify the cause of obstruction Table 4.
In contrast, a subtype of ROD known as adynamic bone disease can be observed in the setting of prolonged peritoneal or hemodialysis, oversuppression of PTH with calcitriol or calcium-based phosphate binders, or the use of bisphosphonates for osteoporosis treatment (1).
We don't have data, but intuitively it doesn't make sense to try to use drugs that reduce bone turnover to try to improve bone strength when you already have a low bone-turnover disease such as adynamic bone disease or osteomalacia," he said.
That is, a significant component of our patient's linguistic impairment could be characterized as adynamic aphasia [26], and extensive practice in generating concept representations in the course of conversations with the therapist could improve this crucial prelinguistic process.
As DSC CEO, one of Drake's first initiatives was to transform the company, originally founded in 1960 as Dry Storage Corporation, from an extended family of 22 companies to adynamic supply chain partner operating as one entity, under one name - DSC.
Adynamic business support organisation founded in 2003, Social Firms Wales has a remit of creating paid employment for people who are disadvantaged.
One case reported (Andress, 2008) suspected adynamic bone syndrome (slowed bone laying down and resorption, which can predispose patients to hypercalcemia, fracture and cardiovascular disease) after administration of cinacalcet 30 mg daily to a patient with CKD not requiring dialysis who did not have hyperparathyroidism.
Other features include 1) the use of Recording Interface Applications (RIAs) totransfer call-index data for fast and efficient searching of archived calls, 2) adynamic recording mode to activate channels only when needed, thus saving on thenumber of licenses required, 3) selective recording through rules-based criteria,including user-defined profiles such as the time, day, and incoming or outgoingphone numbers, and 4) operation with analog or digital phones including cordlessDECT and IP phones.
Because the mucosal wave did not propagate through this area, it was reported as a focally adynamic segment.
To avoid adynamic bone disease, sufficient reduction in the amount of hyperfunctioning parathyroid tissue without causing a hypoparathyroid state can be achieved by subtotal (3 1/2-) parathyroidectomy or by total parathyroidectomy (PTX) with immediate or delayed autotransplantation of fresh or cryopreserved parathyroid tissue.