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Quantifying BSAP may be helpful in diagnosing adynamic bone disease because BSAP is derived from osteoblast activity.
Interpreting the results obtained using this model, however, is complicated by the adynamic bone disorder; both calcitriol and paricalcitol stimulated osteoblast surfaces and rates of bone formation.
During adynamic and thought-provoking discussion, the panelists focused on theevolution of corporate sustainability in a global context with emphasis onthe transformative effects corporate sustainability can have on the Arabregion as a whole.
Renal osteodystrophy includes the following types of bone disorders: a) osteitis fibrosis cystica: an increased number of the bone cells oseoblasts and osteoclasts with high turnover and marrow fibrosis, b) adynamic bone disease: low bone turnover with normal mineralization, c) osteomalacia: low bone turnover with abnormal mineralization, and d) mixed uremic osteodystrophy: high bone turnover with abnormal mineralization (Quinibi, 2009).
I do caution against antiresorptive therapy in patients with an eGFR below 15 mL/min--stage 5 chronic kidney disease--because it may predispose to adynamic bone disease," he added.
You have to push certain buttons when you're playing to a big crowd - work up a bit of adynamic.
The authors hypothesize that adynamic metabolism from impaired resorption may be the underlying pathophysiology that leads to these fractures.
Oversuppression of PTH secretion related to the administration of calcitriol alone or combined therapy with calcium-based phosphate binders can produce a different form of bone disease, known as adynamic bone disease, so careful monitoring is essential (Michael & Garcia, 2004).
Adynamic symposium on maintaining a healthy life style to empower the listener with the knowledge to make informed decision on taking control of your health.
In cases of adynamic ileus, both the transition point and small-bowel feces are absent, and the colon is dilated.
After overcoming severe postoperative complications (delayed adynamic ileus, Candida tropicalis septicemia, and Clostridium difficile bowel infection), the patient was discharged in fairly good conditions (July 2001).