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These ovitraps were visited weekly to determine the presence of larvae of Aedes mosquito.
Vertical transmission of dengue virus in Aedes plays an important role in the maintenance of DENV in nature and potentially increases the possibility of dengue outbreaks in endemic and non-endemic areas.
If an Aedes mosquito bites a Zika-infected human being, it could carry the virus and transmit it to whoever it bites.
Aedes aegypti, which originated in sub-Saharan Africa, likely arrived in the Americas in the 16th or 17th century.
Anopheles gambiae and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes are also a competent vector of R.
Once confined to a small region of sub-Saharan Africa, Aedes aegypti has invaded the Americas, Asia, the South Pacific, and Australia within the last few hundred years.
Despite a detailed search, in and around the affected battalion keeping the flight range and bionomics of aedes mosquitoes in mind, no mosquito breeding site especially favorable for breeding of Aedes mosquitoes could be found.
The Brazilian government decreed a state of emergency in November 2015 and has dispatched servicemen and women to search for and eliminate the Aedes aegypti mosquito's possible breeding grounds.
North American health experts are also racing to keep up, with the first appearance of Aedes japonicus, an invasive mosquito, in western Canada last November and Aedes aegypti found in Washington DC, apparently after spending the winter in sewers or Metro subway stations.
Since last May Zika has spread rapidly across the Americas because the Aedes mosquito is common there and there's no immunity to Zika.